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Nicole Lam

Art in the time of COVID-19: A guide to da:ns festival 2020

It’s no secret that the Arts scene in all its shape and form has taken a huge hit during the…

10 months ago

Solve A Mystery Aboard The Orient Express Arriving 12 December

Since the release of Enola Holmes on Netflix, I'm reminded about my deep-seated love for mysteries. The meticulous hunting for…

10 months ago

Marvel in the magic of Studio Ghibli with over 400 HD images from 8 of their classic movies

Studio Ghibli was once an underground cult favourite for cinephiles and I was one of those die-hard fans. Just to…

10 months ago

One-on-one with Nicole Lim, host of ‘Something Private’: “Our sexual education in schools is very much still a fear-based system”

After listening to the podcast Something Private, a podcast about all things related to the vagina, your girl has been…

10 months ago

MASKFONE: Built-in microphone that connects to your smartphone, so muffled calls are a thing of the past

Seeing as Ms Rona is still not done with her world tour, we've been embracing the new normal of wearing…

10 months ago

Here’s how to customise your iPhone home screen and 6 layouts for some inspiration

The iOS 14 update has sent us all in a frenzy, with new secret functions, double-tapping ease but most of…

10 months ago

Enjoy up to 70% off Superga sneakers from 24 – 28 Sept

Like a pair of quintessential blue jeans, you can never go wrong with a pair of Superga sneakers. The moment…

10 months ago

Relive the horror of results day with Singpass App

The day arrives, the morning is sombre as though the sky knows that today is THE DAY. You reach the…

11 months ago

Nintendo confirms ‘Super Mario Bros.’ movie in the works—coming 2022

It appears that our favourite Italian plumber is going to have his moment on the silver screen. Yes, Nintendo has…

11 months ago

Here’s how to blur your house on Google Street View because privacy matters

Technology has been both a boon and a bane to us all. We love it and can't imagine our lives…

11 months ago

The new Light Phone II only has four functions, maybe that’s all you’ll ever need

Hi, I'm addicted to my phone and at alarmingly serious degree. My right-hand feels weird without the familiar weight of…

11 months ago

6 Netflix anime that should never be made into live-action

Given the slew of live-action remakes of late and the disappointments most of them have been, something has to be…

11 months ago

Love and the apocalypse, what could go wrong? Find out with Tinder’s Swipe Night

Looking for love in the 21st Century is hard enough, throw in a global pandemic and well, we can all…

11 months ago

Bask in the glow of candlelight and classical music with Candlelight Concerts

Since we are all grounded in Singapore for the time being, I don't know about you but I'm running out…

11 months ago

Smell like your own dream with personalised perfume from Maison 21G

Say 'Abercrombie', and instantly images of ripped abs mingled with that signature heavy perfume comes to mind. Here's another one…

11 months ago

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