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Love and the apocalypse, what could go wrong? Find out with Tinder’s Swipe Night

Looking for love in the 21st Century is hard enough, throw in a global pandemic and well, we can all give up hope of looking for bae. Starting 12 September 2020, everyone’s favourite app for love (even just for the night) Tinder will be launching Swipe Night.

Credit – Tinder

This worldwide event will allow you and 57 Million users to go on a 7-minute post-apocalyptic adventure where you will get to decide the outcome of the narrative.

Credit – Tinder

Here is where it gets interesting, players will be confronted with moral dilemmas that will impact on what happened next. You’ll have to be quick though, you only have seconds to make your decision.

Each week, your key choices will be added to your Tinder profile to encourage discussion and even some flirty post-apocalyptic banter. Tinder has already launched Swipe Night in the US last year in October to a rousing success. So, maybe you’ll find love in the times of Coronavirus/impending apocalypse.

Take a look at the trailer below for a better idea of Swipe Night:

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