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| On 9 months ago

Nintendo confirms ‘Super Mario Bros.’ movie in the works—coming 2022

It appears that our favourite Italian plumber is going to have his moment on the silver screen. Yes, Nintendo has confirmed that a Super Mario Bros. CG movie is in the works.

Credit – Nintendo

If you know me, I spent a large part of my childhood with Mario going down fluorescent green pipes and trying our darndest to defeat Bowser to save Princess Peach. With the onslaught of Mario-themed items, it’s clear we still can’t get enough of this guy. While Nintendo is keeping mum about the project we do know that creator of Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto is part of the production process—so, that’s promising news for sure.

Will we get a backstory to how Mario became a plumber? Will we know who his parents are? Perhaps, we will get a more fleshed out story of Mario and Princess Peach’s romance. So many possibilities, we’ll have to wait till 2022 to find out.

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