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Write fast, write creatively.

HYPE & STUFF is a trendy digital lifestyle publication that chases the latest trends and shares the best experiences. If you’re familiar with the latest hype and want to build a portfolio around being the fastest, most creative content producer, HYPE & STUFF is for you.

We are looking lifestyle content writers based in Singapore who are passionate about the latest trends in fashion, food, travel, culture, beauty and local activities—writers need to be able to express their thoughts in written sentences well. Good photography is also a requirement to tell a visual story along with words.

Crafting social media images/captions are also part of the job as a wholistic digital media creator. Photos have to be of great quality to be published, and all formatting and grammar should be up-to-par.

As a content writer for HYPE & STUFF, you will need to enjoy going to new opening events, chasing down trends, conducting interviews.

The work we do is neither a corporate 9-5 job, nor a childcare facility; applicants need to be motivated, adventurous, have self-discipline and be serious in developing their professional work skills and ethics. If you need adult supervision to function, work in a bank or something instead.

What kind of qualifications does a content writer need?

  • Keen interest in the latest lifestyle news and trends
  • A clear writing style that is easily understood by mass readers
  • An eye for detail to portray accurate information with grammatically correct sentences
  • Good photographic eye
  • Creativity to think of eye-catching headlines
  • Concise writing that is grammatically sound
  • Responsive to feedback and changes
  • Open personality to reach out and conduct interviews with confidence

Job responsibilities

  • Contribute story ideas, finding new angles
  • Keeping track of article view performance and suggestions to improve
  • Ensuring writing and photography are professionally executed
  • Maintaining a constant flow of articles
  • Crafting social media images/captions related to your article as well
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