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Here’s how to customise your iPhone home screen and 6 layouts for some inspiration

The iOS 14 update has sent us all in a frenzy, with new secret functions, double-tapping ease but most of all the new widgets. Home screen layouts have flooded the internet, and I’ve got to say I’m smitten. I spent the better part of my day making my home screen look, as the kids say ‘aesthetic AF’ and I have no regrets.

Android users are probably scoffing at us because this kind of customisation has been around since forever for them. You know what they say if you can’t beat ’em, join them.

Before you get started, you will need to download Widgetsmith and Colour Widgets. These apps will allow you to customise your widgets including colour and fonts. It’s pretty limited now, but I’m sure an update with even more options is all but two clicks away.

Then, if you want your home screen to display what music you’re playing, TuneTrack is the app you need. This one helps to display a Spotify or Apple Music Now Playing widget. The next step which I’m sure you’ve seen is making use of your Shortcuts which ironically takes a slightly longer route to reach your app—but, customisation for the win.

Here’s how to create a new shortcut and customise the icon.

1. Go to your Shortcuts app.

2. Add new shortcut.

3. Press ‘Add action’ and type in ‘Open app’.

4. Choose the app you wish to open.

5. Then, click the three dots at the right corner.

6. Press add to home screen.

7. Under ‘Home screen name and icon’, click on the icon and select ‘Choose photo’ from your library.

8. Finally, add to your home screen.

For the right photo, it’s just a deep dive into Pinterest to find the ones that will match your ‘aesthetic’. If you don’t know where to begin, we have six layouts to get your creative juices flowing.

1. The ultimate mood board

2. A throwback to Windows 98 desktop

3. Minecraft galore

4. The Harry Styles stan

5. A simpler time with the iPhone circa 3G

6. The Studio Ghibli fan

Will it take you four hours? Yes. Is it worth it? I mean, how can you not love your home screen now?

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