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Dry, oily, or combination skin—these 6 Singaporean beauty brands will suit all needs

Skincare can either be a joy or a dread—depending on who’s asking, and what tickles your fancy. If I’m being terribly honest, I’m not always the kindest to my skin, and in fact don’t spend more than five minutes out of my day on a basic cleanse and rinse twice daily.

This revelation horrifies many, I know, but skincare doesn’t always have to be elaborate nor lengthy. Sometimes, what a girl truly needs is to arm herself with four or five solid products and a simple yet effective skincare routine. I love a good ol’ unpretentious, gentle routine that doesn’t require me to break a sweat yet keeps my complexion supple, and mochi-like.

And while you’re at it, why not support local and shop at homegrown brands that have made it their life’s work to fulfil this very purpose? In this list, you’ll find names such as Malika Co, PSA, and Oh Hello Bae—all of whom have spent countless nights producing inclusive, safe, and high-quality beauty products to suit every skin type.

The next time breakouts come a-knocking, you know who to call.

1. Malika Co

Homegrown in Singapore with recent operations in the Middle East, Malika Co is best known and loved for their hero products—100% Pure Argan Face Oil, aka “Holy Grail” as referred to by their customers, and the Deep Pore Cleansing Clay Mask.

Backed by a strong philosophy in au naturale ingredients and unparalleled quality, Malika Co sources for only the highest calibre of argan oils and Rhassoul clay so that their products are suitable and easy on all skin types—creating an inclusive beauty experience through and through. Each bottle is crafted with no add-ons, no chemicals, no processing, is organic-certified, and true to itself.

Writer’s note: By a stroke of generosity, I got to try out both of Malika’s argan oil and clay pore mask. I adored how the argan oil bottle is fixed with a pump dispenser, while most other brands tend to use a dropper instead. This allows for greater control and ease of application, especially on smaller areas around my face.

The deep pore cleansing clay mask was a comfortable, pastey texture that left my skin glassy but not overly sticky nor oily. I particularly loved the loose powder form which was great for portion control.
Overall, both products were light on my skin, and left me feeling comfortable and dewy the next morning.

Malika currently offers all customers free delivery for every order, and as a gift for all HYPE&STUFF readers, take 10% off with the promo code NEW10.

Malika Co | Website | Facebook | Instagram

2. Oh Hello Bae

Credit – Oh Hello Bae

Your partner or pet shouldn’t be the only things that are bae. Going by the logic of loving yourself above all else, then your biggest bae is technically…yourself. And what better way to #treatyoself than to take time to indulge in self-care and restoration?

Gentle on any skin type and free of sulphates, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, and other harmful substances, Oh Hello Bae‘s products are lauded to be as effective as they are cute. All their products have a shelf life of 18 months, except the Holy Grail Mist Toner which has a shelf life of 12-months.

Oh Hello Bae | Website | Facebook | Instagram

3. Alcheme

Credit – Alcheme

A play on the word “alchemy” as well as “me” (as in the user), Alcheme certainly lives up to its name. From the get-go, its products look chic, non-forbidding, nor pretentious. Instead, Alcheme’s clean packaging reminds me almost of an apothecary or lab, boosting the brand’s authority and legitimacy, at least to me.

Alcheme does personalised skincare products, and consultations start at S$50. Each product on the site is made-to-order, and comes in recyclable packaging. I definitely can get behind Alcheme’s low-waste and conscious-living practices.

Alcheme | Website | Facebook | Instagram

4. Kew Organics

Credit – Kew Organics

Kew Organics Facial Bar was first founded by Lily Kew back in 2014, in hopes of introducing results-oriented yet pampering bespoke organic facial and body treatments to the Singapore market. Lily took two years to develop Kew Organics as Singapore’s—and the world’s—first ‘serious’ water-based organic skincare label.

Kew products are pregnancy-safe, and use certified organic, non-GMO ingredients. They also offer customised organic skincare masterclasses for individuals, groups, and even corporate events.

Kew Organics | Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. PSA

Credit – PSA

PSA: This is not a drill. Popular skincare label Allies of Skin has a new sister brand, and we think you’ll love it too. PSA—which stands for Purposeful Skincare by Allies—buzzes with youth and an electric energy like no other.

Also proudly LGBTQIA+ owned and operated, PSA treats every day like Pride, celebrating the unique and expressive identities of every person regardless of gender or sexual identity. We really have no choice but to stan.

PSA | Website | Facebook | Instagram

6. Liht Organics

Credit – Liht Organics

With a pledge to promote sustainable and responsible beauty, Liht Organics is built on the promise of vegan, cruelty-free, greenwashing-free, and natural elements. Their products do not contain any harmful chemicals nor nano-particles either.

They also boast a comprehensive range of shades and products, so rest assured that there’s one for everyone skin type and tone. Shop unique creations such as lip glazes, liquid liners, and BB creams—all while supporting local.

Liht Organics | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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