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iOS14 users, rejoice!— You can now scan your SafeEntry with three simple taps

Scanning in the SafeEntry code every time we enter a mall or restaurant is necessary these days, but it can be oh-so annoying. Many times, I have found myself struggling to fish out my phone whilst simultaneously attempting to scan a tiny code in the midst of a fast-moving crowd.

I’ve even forced myself to get used to typing my IC and phone number as quickly as possible, so as to not clog up the queue.

Things get particularly irritating when I happen to be carrying many things at that point of time, or when I accidentally close the browser, and have to re-do the whole process again. It’s time-consuming, inconvenient, and simply said, feels like a dragging chore.

If you feel me, and you happen to own an iPhone that operates on iOS14, the solution to your problems is finally here. You can now launch the SafeEntry scanner by simply tapping the back of your phone two times, and check out by tapping the back of your phone three times. Here’s how.

Step 1: Activate Siri Shortcuts for SafeEntry on the SingPass app.


Credit – Facebook/mrbrown

Step 2:  Go to Settings on your iPhone, then Accessibility, then Touch, and click Back Tap.

Credit – Facebook/mrbrown

Credit – Facebook/mrbrown

Credit – Facebook/mrbrown

Step 3: Assign Scan SafeEntry to Double Tap, and SafeEntry Check-Out to Triple Tap. Once done, you’re now good to go.

Credit – Facebook/mrbrown

Scanning in and out of malls has never been so simple—alas, if like me, you don’t operate on iOS14, I guess we’re stuck on the original way of manually scanning the QR code. I’ve discovered that scanning your IC is a much quicker and convenient way though, but sadly, not all places have scanners for these.

Go on, give it a try, it’s mr brown-approved.

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