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Turn your Spotify playlists into receipts with Receiptify — here’s how you can too

You’re a millennial, you’re cool, and you’re looking for an aesthetic way to subtly (but not-so-subtly) flex your music taste. Inspired by Instagram account @albumreceipts—where popular music albums have been translated into adorable receipts complete with track times and credits, Receiptify creator Michelle Liu has come to the rescue of us laypeople.

1. Consent to usage of your data

Credit – Screengrab of Receiptify

As with any decent site or company that uses your data, your consent is often first sought.

2. Login via your Spotify account

Credit – Screengrab of Receiptify

After you’ve logged in, there’s an option to extract your music data from the last month, last 6 months, or all time—which is an overview of what you’ve been listening on Spotify since your account came into existence.

3. Have fun with your receipts

Credit – Screengrab of Receiptify

Congrats, you can now share your Spotify receipt on your Instagram stories just like the rest of your basic friends. Everyone will now know that you’ve been listening to Taylor Swift’s Folklore on repeat for the past month and that you’re unabashed about it.

Receiptify | Website

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