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This Emmy statue holding a hand sanitiser pretty much sums up our 2020

For the first time in history, the 72nd Emmy Awards was held to an entirely online audience, with winners accepting their awards from home. There was a virtual red carpet, and winners were presented their trophies by a presenter clad in a hazmat suit—in true 2020 fashion.

This pretty much sums up how the year has been for all of us—we’re forced to watch live sports being played in empty stadiums, coming to terms with the horrors of our favourite concerts getting cancelled and other heartbreaks to our entertainment-driven souls due to the arduous, sickening hand dealt to us by social-distancing measures.

Credit – ABC

In light of it all, there is no object that quite captures the true essence of the pandemic quite as cheekily as this—an Emmy Statue holding a hand sanitiser. The item, most likely a tongue-in-cheek prop made for laughs and giggles, perfectly encapsulates the odd nature of this year’s historic awards ceremony amidst a global pandemic.

Credit – Getty Images

With cleanliness and personal hygiene being the focal point of many across the world today, we’d be hard-pressed to think that the celebrities would actually prefer receiving this version of the trophy instead—giving a fresh new meaning to the saying, “the clean hearted always wins at the end, remember that”.

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