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Vera Leng

Why do we call them toppings if they sink to the bottom?

Xiaxue, Truelove.Is & Alfian Sa’at — The Paradox of Tolerance

From a young age, I remember the term “tolerance” popping up in textbooks and classrooms every now and then. It…

22 mins ago

6 Foreign Language Netflix Horror Films For Double The Scare

So you've seen our Netflix horror round up, what now? I don't know about you, but for a supernatural junkie…

2 days ago

[GIVEAWAY] Win Golden Village’s M Pass & Select From 20 Movie Titles

In an exclusive partnership with KLOOK, our favourite cinema Golden Village has launched the M Pass National Day Special which…

5 days ago

8 Things You Didn’t Know About This Year’s National Day Parade 2020

2020 has brought no shortage of challenges and has changed the way we go about daily life—working from home, co-curricular…

6 days ago

Here’s How To Win The Ox Street x Singaplex & Sole.Machina ‘NDP Flexpack’

Putting together a street culture take on the NDP funpack, some truly Singaporean brands, Ox Street, Singaplex, and Sole.Machina have…

6 days ago

Spotify Saturdays with Singaporean YouTuber & Radio DJ Dee Kosh

Often considered a veteran in Singapore's YouTube scene, Dee Kosh has been giving us quality content for 9 years and…

2 weeks ago

Social Distancing Earrings & Other Cute Knick-Knacks to Snag

Being in lockdown and quarantine for the past few months has given content creators plenty of time to design and…

2 weeks ago

Pritam Singh Appointed as Leader of Opposition — His Duties & Parliamentary Privileges Unpacked

When The Workers' Party—commonly thought of as the strongest opposition party in modern day Singapore—made history through their Seng Kang…

2 weeks ago

The Thirsty Sisters Podcast: Why We Love Our Malay Community — 5 Soundbites For Your Consideration

Just about everyone has been starting podcasts now—including Night Owl Cinematic's Sylvia and Nina. In a relatively new series entitled…

2 weeks ago

[Cancelled] Drive-in Cinemas Are Back! Catch The Greatest Showman At Downtown East On 8 Aug

Singapore's first and only open-air drive-in theatre was the former Jurong Drive-In Cinema which opened in 1971. Since then, the…

1 week ago

Spotify Saturdays with Singaporean Radio DJ & Actress Jamie Yeo

When one thinks of traditional radio, the beautiful and beloved Jamie Yeo often comes to mind. Jamie has long dabbled…

3 weeks ago

Textile and Fashion Federation Takes Over Design Orchard’s Retail Showcase

Starting 1 August 2020, the Textile and Fashion Federation (TaFF) will be taking over Design Orchard's retail showcase. Its previous…

3 weeks ago

Xiaxue Wants to Cancel “Cancel Culture” — 7 Major Takeaways From Her IGTV

Cancel culture isn't a new concept and has been the talk of the town for quite a while now. It…

3 weeks ago

Singaporean Politicians as Skincare Products: A Thread

Aside from just about everyone on the internet simping over #DaddyJamus and "Nicole Jie Jie" of the Workers' Party during…

3 weeks ago

6 Netflix Shows About Conspiracy Theories To Boggle Your Mind

Now that the 2020 General Elections are well behind us and everyone is just about done having a phD in…

3 weeks ago

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