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Vera Leng

Why do we call them toppings if they sink to the bottom?

Spotify Saturdays with Singaporean Rock singer kotoji

Having started her musical journey at the tender age of 4, kotoji learned the piano from her classically-trained mother. Eventually,…

10 months ago

For less than S$2k per month, you can stay in a fully furnished shophouse

I've always wondered what it'd be like to relive our colonial days in a shophouse and to reminisce the good…

10 months ago

Spa Esprit Review: “I had my energy read, and boy should I be alarmed”

I’ve never been one to dabble in yoga, chakras, crystals, gems, or any of that jazz. Achieving inner zen just…

10 months ago

Keep your national flag by 30 Sept or be fined up to S$1000

In light of National Day and a show of support for the nation during the dark days of the COVID-19…

10 months ago

Singaporean YouTuber documents true horror stories in POV — we dare you to keep your eyes open

We've all been ~haunted by our demons~ as some point, right? For some of us, it's an internal battle to…

10 months ago

Man redesigns MS Paint-inspired mobile app icons, and here’s how you can too

We all know the age-old, sagely saying that goes something like, 'gRaPhIc dEsIgN iS mY pAsSiOn". No? just me? Since…

10 months ago

Dry, oily, or combination skin—these 6 Singaporean beauty brands will suit all needs

Skincare can either be a joy or a dread—depending on who's asking, and what tickles your fancy. If I'm being…

10 months ago

Turn your Spotify playlists into receipts with Receiptify — here’s how you can too

You're a millennial, you're cool, and you're looking for an aesthetic way to subtly (but not-so-subtly) flex your music taste.…

1 month ago

6 Netflix shows with powerful women to stan this September

It's 2020, women are bada**es, and boy, do we love to see it. If you're all about that high key…

10 months ago

76 Days — This documentary takes you to the epicentre of the COVID-19 outbreak

As if spectating from the safety of our homes as Wuhan took COVID-19 head-on wasn't heartbreaking enough, raw and unfiltered…

11 months ago

Spotify Saturdays with Singaporean rhythm & blues singer Nick Zavior

With heavy influences from R&B artists and a love for funk, soul, and gospel music Nick Zavior is Singapore's multi-talented…

11 months ago

Vans x MoMA — Flex museum-worthy fine art by Monet, Dalí, Pollock & more come 30 Sept

Like every other millennial out there, I've truly honed a penchant for sneakers and fine art. Like vanilla bean ice…

11 months ago

Chinatown Murders — Solve a gripping mystery while touring the city

The year is 2020. The location is Chinatown. People have been murdered off the streets, and it's up to you…

11 months ago

Spotify Saturdays with local singer-songwriter & producer KEAT

KEAT is a classically-trained Singaporean vocalist-turned-electronic-producer, influenced by the likes of The Midnight, FM-84, Troye Sivan and Disclosure. His writing…

11 months ago

Read this article entirely written by a robot — terrifying or fascinating?

As a writer, I've always thought that even in the event of robots taking over our economy, our jobs would…

11 months ago

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