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The new Light Phone II only has four functions, maybe that’s all you’ll ever need

Hi, I’m addicted to my phone and at alarmingly serious degree. My right-hand feels weird without the familiar weight of my iPhone and action of my thumb constantly scrolling through social media feeds. I think I even sleep with my phone in my hand. Yes, it’s a real problem.

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Technology has certainly taken over our lives and some at a harrowing rate indeed.

The Light Phone is about to change all of that. This credit card-sized phone goes back to basics (sort of like your classic Nokia, circa 2000), with only four core functions such as calls, messages, an alarm and a hotspot.

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There is a customisable toolbox if you want additional features such as a calculator, music player and a podcasts tool. So, no internet, social media feeds and dreaded email. The phone is engineered for you to get things done sans the multitude of distractions.

Additionally, the Light Phone II has 4G technology along with its existing wifi and Bluetooth capabilities—topped off with a unique e-ink display and an entirely custom typographic-based interface.

Credit – Light

The Light Phone II will set you back about USD 350 (~S$478), but they are having ‘Break Free From Big Tech’ sale and is retailing at USD 300 (~S$409), a fraction of what regular phones are worth now.

The Light Phone II also comes in two colours, white and light grey—which are the lightest and darkest colours of e-ink.

All you need is a nano-SIM, and you’re good to go. While digital detoxes are common and even trendy, perhaps we don’t need an all or nothing approach when it comes to technology—we just need one that is a little lighter.

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