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Relive the horror of results day with Singpass App

The day arrives, the morning is sombre as though the sky knows that today is THE DAY. You reach the main hall and nervous familiar faces look back at you. The principal gives a vague and somewhat encouraging speech about the future or whatever. After all, you’re not really listening. Your form teacher tries to keep a poker face and all you want to scream at her is, ‘HOW DID I DO???!!’.

Then, I wake up and realise that I’m 25 and will never have to face a day like that again. Well, that was until someone discovered that aside from all the usual information like your IC, CPF, drivers license and such (really boring adult stuff), you can have another traumatic blast from the past with your N-, O-, A-level results with the Singpass Mobile app.

All you have to do is log in to your Singpass app, go to the profile section and scroll down to be reminded how you (did or) didn’t live up Asian dream of scoring straight As.

Twitter was shooketh and these were some of their reactions.

Well, nothing like a little education system trauma to start the weekend!

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