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Marvel in the magic of Studio Ghibli with over 400 HD images from 8 of their classic movies

Studio Ghibli was once an underground cult favourite for cinephiles and I was one of those die-hard fans. Just to prove it, I have acquired (rather shamelessly) an extensive collection of merchandise from a number of their films. I’m no casual watcher.

Credit – Studio Ghibli

Well, the popularity of the animation studio has soared over recent years and has become what is any serious cinephile nightmare: mainstream.

I do have a love-hate relationship when any of my cultural pursuits become mere entertainment for the hoi polloi. Still, more interest means more money which in turn, means places like Studio Ghibli can still produce films that will make you sigh and marvel at their storytelling.

Credit – Studio Ghibli

Well, the production house has blessed us once again by releasing 400 pictures from 8 of their classic films. Some of those films include Spirited Away, Ponyo, Tales from Earthsea, The Secret World of Arrietty for example, and these images are all in HD glory. So, if you’re looking to customise your phone, this is the gift you’re waiting for.

With all these HD photos, you can pore over Hayao Miyazaki’s artfully created frames and dream about the next time you can step foot in Japan. Until then, you can download the images here.

Studio Ghibli HD images: Download here | Website

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