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June Chen

Fat Anvil Studios: Learn How To Make Your Own Bespoke Ring In Singapore At This Silver Smith Workshop

Nothing is more gratifying than making something from scratch, for yourself or loved ones. So when I chanced upon Fat Anvil…

2 years ago

Tropicana The Musical: Remember The Sexy Sixties Of Singapore This 13 – 30 April ’17 At Capitol Theatre

Fancy a bit of local theatre? Tropicana The Musical will finally be showing at Capitol Theatre from 13 - 30 April 2017.…

4 years ago

9 Tried & Tested Korean Face Masks That You Can Get In Singapore For Glowing Skin

To firstly set the parameters, how do I define a good mask? It'll be one that is absolutely moisturising, packed…

4 years ago

10 Make-Up Products Highly Recommended By Sephora Assistants In Singapore

Give any lady, or gentleman (because we really can't assume anything anymore, it's 2017), a reason to not love Sephora…

4 years ago

16 Things Not To Do While You’re PMS-ing (But You’re Gonna Do Anyway)

Ahh... The mysterious Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) that plagues all women in some uncertain manner, leading them to an entire period…

2 years ago

Hans Zimmer VS John Williams (Mar 2017): Catch A Live Orchestra Performance Of Your Fav Movie Soundtracks

For two nights only, you have the chance to be part of a breathtaking experience that you won't regret. Theatrical scores…

4 years ago

Yiruma Live In Singapore (25 Feb 17): Spend An Enchanting Evening With The Famed Korean Composer

Yiruma's name might not ring a bell but his musical compositions surely will. His internationally popular piece, 'River Flows In…

4 years ago

Harry Potter Party SG (18 Feb 17): Get Your Wizard Robes On For A Night Of Magic

Are you a fan of Harry Potter and all you've ever dreamed about is getting your acceptance letter into Hogwarts?…

4 years ago

Ultimate Female Garments Guide: 41 Fashion Terms To Impress Your Girlfriend With

The female fashion world is definitely one to behold, with all its exquisite and intricate details that are aesthetically pleasing…

4 years ago

Pulp Fiction @The Hive: Open Air Cinema Screening Of Quentin Tarantino’s Iconic Film On 3 Feb ’17

"That's when you know you've found somebody special. When you can just shut the f*ck up for a minute and…

4 years ago

12 Cheap & Fuss Free Ways To Salvage Broken & Old Make Up

Hoarding, a rather intriguing phenomenal that can be observed within the female community's interaction with a specific range of materials,…

4 years ago

14 Alternative Ways To Use Make Up As Other Forms Of Make Up

I don't know what make up is if not versatile – we often forget to explore the other ways that…

4 years ago

CHICAGO The Musical: Catch The Award Winning Show From 8 Feb 2017 Onwards At MBS Singapore

CHICAGO is no stranger to the musical theatre scene, and is a compelling piece that explores murder, greed, corruption, exploitation, adultery…

3 years ago

Leekaja Beauty Salon: Korea’s Prestigious Grooming Parlour Opens First Store In Singapore And It’s Beautiful

If you've ever been to South Korea and went searching for a day of pampering, you would have probably found…

2 years ago

Singapore Palestinian Film Festival 2017: Alternative Cinema From 19 Jan – 22 Jan At The Projector

What started in 2016 has picked up a steady pace, and is back for its second installation at The Projector.…

3 years ago

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