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12 Cheap & Fuss Free Ways To Salvage Broken & Old Make Up

Hoarding, a rather intriguing phenomenal that can be observed within the female community’s interaction with a specific range of materials, namely make up.

Even though I already have a collection of make up at home, I’m always going to buy more, especially when there’s a new line launched, and end up with five eyeliners or more at any point of time. Before I know it, I have over 100 of them.

What comes after is frustrating. The lot of make up drying up because a) there’s not enough time to finish them all. b) not all of them get the same attention because refer to above. c) they have an expiration date.

All of these, amounts to throwing away of make up (yes weeps), which is a heartbreaking affair because really every single piece is a darling.

While I can’t help you with the make up obsession, I can share a few ways where you can salvage your old make up and prolong the period before the cycle repeats itself and you find yourself in Sephora again.

1. Hydrate Flaky Liquid Foundation with Moisturiser

When you find that your liquid foundation is getting flaky, avoid having it bail out on you (ha ha ha) by mixing in some moisturiser. This helps to recreate the slightly creamy texture without losing much of the colour. Plus point? It’s even more moisturising than before.

2. Soak Dried Mascara in Hot Water

Not exclusive to mascara, you can soak dried up liquid anything, like liners and stuff. In a mug filled with hot water, submerge the bottom half of the cylindrical containers. Over time, the mascara or liner that has dried up around the edges will start melting and cling unto the applicator and you’re good to reapply your luscious long lashes to bedazzle others.

3. Drip Eye Drop into Dried Mascara

If the method above isn’t up to par, drip some eye drops further to introduce liquid for it to mix with. If it still fails, it really is time to buy a new mascara, or liner, or anything. You don’t want your eyelashes to start shedding, do you.

4. Heat Dried Gel Liner in Microwave

Ok so you’re a chronic thin liner person but occasionally you like to break all rules and be a little on the wilder side with that fiercely alluring bold gel liner. But you’re really a sweetie on normal days and so the pot of feisty gel liner dries up over time with the lack of attention.

Revive that little pot of seductress by popping it into the microwave. Do remember to check on it every 10 seconds to not let it get overly melted. If you notice the gel liner not budging in anyway, drip some rubbing alcohol or mix in some petroleum jelly.

5. Fix All Sorts of Cracked Powder with Rubbing Alcohol

No, not cocaine crack or vodka alcohol, but cracked up foundation powder, eyeshadow, etc with rubbing alcohol. It’s literally quite a pain to buy a new pot of eyeshadow and have it slip right through your tubby fingers, smash unto the floor and meanwhile when all this is happening, you’re just standing by, constantly question yourself on just how did your life turn out this great.

Worry no more and stock up some rubbing alcohol in your cabinet for when that happens. First, crush everything (trust me on this and cry as you may while you’re at it cause I feel you). Second, mix the crushed powder with rubbing alcohol till it becomes a paste. Third, level out the paste in the container and let it sit overnight. Fourth, you’re gonna wake up happy because the powder becomes solid again from the alcohol evaporation.

6. Reblend Old Eyeshadow or Blush

Bring out the petroleum jelly again, by now you should know how essential this is. Thank heavens it’s really cheap. Now mix it with the old eyeshadow or blush and you get a new creamy textured blend.

7. Reshape Broken Lipstick

Agh, that heart wrenching moment where your lipstick breaks and you stand frozen in time, watching the horror movie unveil before you in slow motion. Now, pick yourself up and the lipstick of course, heat with a lighter slightly on the affected areas and reshape it with your fingers. Refrigerate it and tadah, lipstick all fixed.

8. Get a New Shade of Lip and Cheek Stain with Leftover Lipstick

Gather all your leftover lipsticks because nobody has the ability to perfectly finish a whole lipstick, scrap it out and melt it either over a spoon or in the microwave if you’re afraid to look like a crack addict.

Stir the melted lipsticks together with petroleum jelly (again) and pour it into a small container before leaving it in the fridge. Voila, your personal shade of lipstick. Psst, it can double up as a creamy cheek stain because lip and cheek stains are the way to go now.

9. Mix Old Blush Into Lipgloss

Go get yourself a clear lipgloss and empty your remnants of your blush into it. This gives the newly concocted lipgloss a subtle shimmery hue that will make your lips oh-so-kissable.

10. Make Your Own Scented Moisturiser

Recycle that last few drops of your favourite perfume because you always want to smell 2 fab 4 the world by emptying it into your vat of unscented moisturiser, giving you your very own favourite scented moisturiser. Now, you can resume life with your favourite scent still clinging unto your skin.

11. Make Your Own Nail Polish

You love your old eyeshadow so much you can’t bear to throw it away and want it on every possible part of your body? Sorted. Mix the eyeshadow into a clear pot of nail polish and you can start polishing away. While you’re at that, mix a part of top coat with the same eyeshadow because the more the merrier. Finish with a layer of top coat and you’re varnished well.

12. Create Your Own Tinted Moisturiser

Grab your leftover pressed powder and face moisturiser, mix them thoroughly and you’ve got yourself a tinted moisturiser. Now who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?

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