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Forget About Walking – Automate Your Old Skateboard/Longboard With Eon

Skateboarding has always looked so cool, but the thought of having to manually propel myself forward has just made me stick to walking. The dream of an automatic skateboard in Singapore might not be too far off though, all thanks to the brilliant minds at Ultimate Engineering.

Passionate about riding, racing and extreme sports, the team (comprising Carlos Kubler, Juan Pablo Viera and Alejandro Veloz) are turning skateboards and longboards into machines with Eon.

Eon is the first modular electric powertrain for light vehicles. Weighing only 1.5kg, the Eon motors can be mounted onto any skateboard or longboard to enable it to reach top speeds of up to 35km/hour.

The project, which started in August 2015, is now crowdfunding its way into production. People who back the project Online can expect to receive their Eon motor kits as early as March 2017. Yes Singapore, that includes us!

Get the most basic Solo Kit (USD$419) that contains one motor, one battery pack, 3 x 81mm 79a wheels, handheld remote control, 2A charger and all the necessary mounting hardware. This kit will get you anywhere within a 12km radius.

The company has even started work on creating Eon motors for bicycles! What can I say? This is definitely going to revolutionise the way we travel.

Eon by Ultimate Engineering: More Info & Website

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