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| On 2 years ago

Fat Anvil Studios: Learn How To Make Your Own Bespoke Ring In Singapore At This Silver Smith Workshop

Nothing is more gratifying than making something from scratch, for yourself or loved ones. So when I chanced upon Fat Anvil Studios’ Silver Smithing Workshop, you bet I was a happy child.

When I attended the workshop it was situated at Sin Ming Lane, but they’ve since shifted their venue, so please take note when you’re heading down.

Fat Anvil Studios offers a variety of workshops, ranging from basics to intensive workshops that occurs over a few days. There’s definitely something for someone, and if you’re looking to just try out, go for the basics and you might just find yourself falling in love with silver smithing.

The basics workshop is really informative and lasts for an approximate of two hours. Every participant gets a full set of tools, complete with two 925 silver wires that will be used to forge the rings.

Before starting, there will be a quick introduction on the different steps of silver smithing, of which is a rough guide before the practical demonstration begins.

The instructors will suggest a few designs that are achievable, but the world’s really your oyster; if you have a desired design, they can try to help you make it by guiding you along the way.

Do take caution while working on your rings as there are torches, hammers and saws involved. If at any point of time you’re unsure of the next step, the instructors will guide you and help you along.

You’ll be taught on how to heat up the wire, such as achieving a mellow red so it becomes more malleable, and to always avoid reaching  a glowing red because once the wire starts to melt, there is no returning.

The reason behind torching it is to soften the wire, to easier shape it into your ring size before soldering.

Saw off the excess of the wires and get creative. This step is relatively safe and you don’t really need to exert any force in sawing, just make sure that it is perpendicular to the ring.

Once you’re done shaping your ring and filing it, you’re ready to solder your ring.

It is important that the gap that is about to be soldered is as small as possible, to ensure a more efficient and strong hold.

I shall not spoil the fun, attend the workshop and learn how to properly heat up the ring in order for the soldering to happen.

And, the ring is done. All that’s left is to check if the soldering is strong enough, finalise the design and drop it into the bath before polishing.

Polishing is done in a machine containing an entire pot of aluminium needles, swirling under extremely high speed.

And there you have it, the rings are now fully polished and ready to wear!

The instructors at Fat Anvil Studios are really helpful, with an unrivalled passion towards silver smithing, a passion started from their college days back in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) till date.

They casually commented on how addictive and expensive this passion is to keep, as they’ll want more equipment to refine their products. The workshop was very interactive, informative and intriguing. It piqued our interests and proved how satisfying is it to wear the ring on your finger, knowing you crafted that personally.

Cosy and intimate, Fat Anvil Studios’ silver smith workshop is a workshop to look out for, who knows, you might get sucked into the blackhole of silver smithing.

Weekday workshops are at S$120 while weekends are at S$140 per pax. Hurry and register for their workshops on their Facebook page!

Workshop prices: S$120 – S$140 per pax

Fat Anvil Studios: 51 Jalan Pemimpin #06-02 Singapore 577206 | Website

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