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| On 4 years ago

Tigerland Rice Farm: Learn How To Plant Or Harvest Rice At This Homestay In Thailand

If you’re tired of the usual hustle and bustle in the busy shopping districts of Thailand, you could go to Tigerland Rice Farm for a change in vacation pace.

In this homestay, you’ll learn bamboo weaving and how to grow rice in a six-day itinerary planned especially for the off-beat traveller.

Depending on the season when you’re visiting Tigerland Rice Farm, you’ll have a hand in either planting or harvesting the rice. Your friendly hosts will even pick you up from Chiang Rai International Airport and provide you with lodging and meals.

But you won’t be toiling all day in the farm – included in the itinerary are shopping trips to Chiang Rai Town’s Night Bazaar, outings to a nearby Lahu Village and visits to Hill Tribes.

Those who are up for something different can also check out the Yoga & Meditation eco-experience and the few cultural tours that they offer.

Prices: S$510 per pax (Rice Farming/Harvesting), S$200 per pax (Yoga & Meditation), Cultural Tour prices vary

Tigerland Rice Farm: Ban Huay Khom, Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand | Tel: +65 9833 9455 (Alvin Yong, Singapore), +668 1148 1979 (Kitt Tiger, Thailand) | Website | Facebook

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