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Mai WenYi

Under the illusion that desserts don't go to the stomach, but to the heart. There's always room for cake.

13 Places To Adopt Pets, Save A Life & Do So Much More In Singapore

When it comes to getting a lifelong companion (that's not a spouse), there're plenty of animals that are waiting for a…

2 years ago

10 Homegrown Clothing Labels That’ll Make Any Fashionista Proud Of Singapore

"I'm living in the material world!", sang George Harrison in his 1973 hit single and, today, his statement still stands…

4 years ago

Life Is The Heart Of A Rainbow: Yayoi Kusama Brings Colour To The National Gallery From 10 June ’17

Yayoi Kusama, famous for her surreal, minimalist and whimsical art styles, will be displaying her works at the National Gallery Singapore from 10…

4 years ago

Dover Street Market Store: An Emporium Of Foreign Fashion Brands Available In Singapore From July ’17

Those passionate about clothes from foreign labels will be excited to know that Dover Street Market Singapore (DSM Singapore) is opening a…

4 years ago

13 Flower Delivery Florists In Singapore With Same-Day Delivery

You know the feeling, a forgotten birthday or an important anniversary has slipped your mind. The Facebook reminder glares at…

8 months ago

11 Unusual Places That (Of Course) Exist In Japan

How do I even begin to describe Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, and home country of weird shenanigans…

4 years ago

Samsung Forum 2017: This Is What Tech Of Future Smart Homes Looks Like

Samsung recently announced the Galaxy S8, its new flagship phone promising features like never before. As we ogle the sleek…

2 years ago

Captivate Escape Rooms: Get Lost In Locally-Themed Puzzle Rooms At Singapore Shopping Centre

Escape rooms are one of the most immersive experiences and are the next best thing to living vicariously through fantasies from…

2 years ago

5 Free Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do At Singapore’s Gardens By The Bay

Singapore's always been known as a "garden city," even way back before Gardens by the Bay (GBTB) and its trademark…

2 years ago

Flight Experience Singapore: Be A Pilot On A Realistic Boeing 737NG Simulator & Take To The Skies

I simply love travelling and anything to do with augmented or virtual reality, and lucky me got to try out…

2 years ago

10 Asian Sayings Which Will Bewilder You When Literally Translated To English

Travelling around the world comes with picking up a bit of foreign chatter here and there, and before you know…

2 years ago

Radio Ghibli: Listen To A Nostalgic Mix Of Soundtracks From Your Fav Studio Ghibli Movies

To celebrate Studio Ghibli's 30th anniversary, NTS Radio is putting together three segments of mixes by musical artist Sega Bodega, using…

4 years ago

Vietjet Air: There’s Really An Airline That Features Bikini-clad Flight Attendants

Vietnam's Vietjet Air is nicknamed the "Bikini Airlines" for a good reason: the stewardesses who appear in commercials and serve…

4 years ago

VRoom: Be Transported Into The World Of Video Games Using Virtual Reality At JCube

Putting on a virtual reality (VR) headset and going into the same realm as video games has been one of…

4 years ago

Blizzard’s Overwatch World Cup 2017: Play More From Now Till 25 Apr To Help Singapore Get Selected!

Cheers, loves! This year's Overwatch World Cup is here! Blizzard Entertainment has announced the start of preparations for this highly-anticipated…

4 years ago

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