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Dover Street Market Store: An Emporium Of Foreign Fashion Brands Available In Singapore From July ’17

Those passionate about clothes from foreign labels will be excited to know that Dover Street Market Singapore (DSM Singapore) is opening a brick-and-mortar store at 18 Dempsey Road this coming July 2017, to complement its online store, which is already booming with business.

On its E-Shop, DSM Singapore stocks branded labels such as Comme des Garçons from Japan, Thom Browne by the American fashion designer of the same name, collaborations between famous brands like Vans, Braindead and DSM Checkerboard, and lots more.

If you’ve got a retail bug for imported brands with names to brag about, DSM Singapore is where you can find lots of choices in one place. The best part is that many of the items there are actually produced by more than one renowned designer, so not only is that item doubly unique, it’s got twice as many brand names to flaunt when you dress up.

The wares do not come cheap as a single pair of Play Converse sneakers can set you back by $190, and 100% wool sweaters from a collaboration between Vetements and Comme des Garçons carry a price tag of $890 each.

In spite of that, the popularity of the items there is quite high, with most of the Vans Vault x Undercover Era collaboration sneakers, ranging from $169 to $199, selling out really quickly.

Get a first-hand view of them yourself when the store opens in July. Until then, you can still count on the website if you feel like spending $80 on a T-shirt.

Dates: Grand Opening in July 2017

Dover Street Market Singapore: Como Dempsey, 18 Dempsey Road, Singapore 249677 | Website | Instagram

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