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| On 2 years ago

Samsung Forum 2017: This Is What Tech Of Future Smart Homes Looks Like

Samsung recently announced the Galaxy S8, its new flagship phone promising features like never before. As we ogle the sleek new designs and colours, let’s not forget other innovations from Samsung that showcase the company’s prowess in coming up with gadgets to suit needs in ways we never expected.

The products we saw have taken existing functions and improved on them so well that we can’t help but get envious at people who can afford to upgrade to all these latest goodies the minute they hit stores. Here are a couple that we think are the best.

QLED Televisions & Smart Remotes

The good ol’ telly brings back memories of my childhood staple entertainment (remember watching Teletubbies before Kids Central or Okto even existed?). Samsung’s bringing more to that table with advanced Quantum dot technology to improve the quality of the nano-sized dots of the televisions.

Think of pixels in a typical screen and how if they are better utilised, your images become clearer. In the case of Samsung QLED screens, the quantum dots control the light and colour displayed with precision to produce a picture as accurate to the real-life image as possible.

The QLED screen’s more true to real life in colour.

Check out the vivid, clear QLED display next to a dull normal TV; maybe it has to do with my first memories being of box TVs but I never imagined the day when flat-screens would outdo other flat-screens.

Samsung’s newest TVs are also compatible with a Smart Remote, that allows voice controls over a large range of features. It seems a little funny that your voice will command a remote that will, in turn, command your telly isn’t it? No complaints anyway because that’ll mean I don’t have to look for the remote in the first place.

Samsung’s advanced screen tech also extends to computer monitors and this is great news for gamers. I wouldn’t say no to going a few rounds on Overwatch or Counter-Strike on one of these beauties.

Wind-Free Air Conditioners

Everyone’s probably had the experience of being frozen half to death because they mistakenly sat under the air-con at least once. Yet, there’s a dilemma that if you sit too far or at an odd angle, you won’t get any cold wind going your way at all.

Introducing, finally, a solution to counter that problem with Samsung’s Wind-Free Air Conditioner which has a two-step cooling process.

The first step, the “Fast Cooling Mode”, helps the room reach the desired temperature, after which the shutter of the air-con closes. This is followed by the second “Wind-Free Cooling Mode” that disperses air via 21,000 micro holes located on the air-con’s surface.

This makes sure that cold air is efficiently diffused around the room even when the wind isn’t strong. It isn’t something that is given a big deal of attention but I can’t wait until more places start using this so I won’t have to avoid the good seats for the sake of staying defrosted.


This gadget definitely deserves special mention – the POWERbot, which is an automated vacuum cleaner to keep your floor crumb and dust-free. What’s cool about this is that it has the capability to map your home and after it’s accustomed to the area, POWERbot will find the best path for vacuuming.

A learning robot that knows my floor plan, is connected to WiFi and can think of efficiency? A bit creepy, yet I think I’d go for it if it really meant that I’ll never have to sweep again.

— —

Looking at all these gadgets has us convinced we should definitely have them for ourselves. Now we just need to find a way to cough up nonexistent cash from our sparse bank accounts.

Do you think Samsung’s newest tech is for you? Let us know in the comments!

Samsung Singapore: Experience Stores | Website

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