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| On 2 years ago

13 Places To Adopt Pets, Save A Life & Do So Much More In Singapore

When it comes to getting a lifelong companion (that’s not a spouse), there’re plenty of animals that are waiting for a caring home and some unconditional love. Instead of buying a new pet, you can opt to adopt some who’re already seeking a family.

Each year, many animals are put down because there is simply not enough resources at shelters to keep them all. Whether you’re serious about getting a pet or just thinking about contributing to saving the lives of these animals in other ways, these 13 places in Singapore are where you should start.

— Cats —

1. Love Kuching Project

Love Kuching Project does more than relocate cats; they also help rescue sick cats, including unweaned kittens which are orphaned and need special care. With their strict adoption guidelines, you can tell they truly care for their cats’ futures and are responsible cat-carers themselves.

If you can’t adopt a cat but would like to get involved, you can help more than one community by volunteering for their cat therapy sessions, partnered with many organisations such as nursing homes, groups for special needs children and schools.

Love Kuching Project: Location disclosed by appointment only | Website | Facebook | Email

2. Lily Low Shelter

Lily Low Shelter is privately-run and dependent on donations for upkeep so you’ll find that their communications and cat listings are mainly via Facebook. There, community members are also frequently updated about cats who are recovering from injuries and of what pet supplies are needed, if they’d like to make a donation.

After giving up a stable income and spending most of her time devoted to saving lives many years ago, Lily Low still continues her selfless work in ensuring that the rescued felines have a place to stay at night. Interested adopters with a big heart and room to house a cat can get in touch via Facebook Messenger.

Lily Low Shelter: Facebook

3. Kittycare Haven

Aside from helping connect pets with potential adopters, Kittycare Haven helps owners who are relocating in or out of Singapore to bring their pets with them by assisting with matters such as permit applications and transport arrangements. This is a big step in preventing pet abandonment, which would be an emotional blow to both animals and humans.

If you need a place to board your cat or even “catsitting” services at your own home, Kittycare Haven can cater for those too. You can even contact them to view their facilities before deciding to check your beloved kitty in with them.

Kitty Care Haven: 80 Lim Chu Kang Lane 1 Singapore 718911 (Inside Globe Eximport Pte Ltd, Behind Paw Resort Building) | Opening Hours: 2pm – 5pm (Daily, By Appointment Only) | Tel: +65 9795 8995 | Website | Email

4. Cat Welfare Society

Cat Welfare Society is one of the most well-known local portals for cat well-being and they frequently hold adoption drives for humans to get up close with the furry friends they adore so much. They provide excellent information for new adopters from the importance of sterilisation and microchipping, to basic considerations to take note of.

Instead of hosting the cats themselves, Cat Welfare Society connects fosters and potential adopters through their online portal, where visitors can easily access the list of kitties available and take them in. You can also volunteer to help feed neighbourhood cats and keep them safe.

Cat Welfare Society: Orchard Road P.O. Box 65, Singapore 912303 (Mailing Address) | Website | Facebook | Email

5. Feline Friends Of Singapore

Feline Friends of Singapore is hoping to relocate 60 cats rescued from the streets to ensure that they can stay in a safe, clean place with a good family.

By providing a platform for connection via Facebook, Feline Friends will post information about the cats and arrange home visits for potential adopters who are serious about taking in a new pet.

Those who’re interested in volunteering with the upkeep or transportation of the cats are also warmly welcomed to contact them.

Feline Friends Of Singapore: Visits by appointment-only | Facebook | Email

— Dogs —


SOSD, like many animal welfare organisations, advocates for prevention of cruelty and helps connect homeless animals with loving adopters. They organise many outreach programmes for schools and Healing Paws, an initiative that brings doggie meet-and-greet sessions to people in need.

To join a tour and adopt a dog, register for one of the sessions which usually take place at 12pm every second and last Sunday of the month. People who aren’t able to adopt a dog can still contribute by fostering, sponsoring, or joining one of their volunteer teams to keep SOSD running.

SOSD: Website | Facebook | Email

7. Adopt A Dog

Adopt A Dog consolidates a database of pooches finding a new home in Singapore and provides contact details for dog runs and pet cafes for human-dog interaction time.

While it is not a shelter, it is a well-supplemented portal of information for potential and experienced pet owners to refer to, and a great way for adopters to learn about HDB-approved breeds and project ADORE, an initiative that allows selected breeds of large dogs to live in HDBs.

The search for a doggie companion starts right on their website, where the animals are shown in random order to let each of them have an equal chance of adoption – an unusual and nice touch for our best friends.

Adopt A Dog: Website | Facebook | Email

— Rabbits —

8. Bunny Wonderland

With their motto, “no bunny gets left behind,” they are committed to making sure their rabbits get into good homes under the best circumstances possible, with sterilisation and toilet training done prior to adoption.

Knowing about the effort put in behind the scenes to make this possible will give future adopters, especially first-timers, an easier time when taking a fuzzy chum in from Bunny Wonderland.

If you’ve never looked after a rabbit before, Bunny Wonderland offers a guide on the time and cost required, as well as tips on how to care for your pet.

Bunny Wonderland: Website | Facebook | Email

— Combination —

9. Causes For Animals Singapore

Causes for Animals Singapore (CAS) aims to build a stray-free Singapore using humane policies, such as finding a good home for them, as opposed to putting them down. Their database lists mainly canines and some felines to be adopted.

Their help for pet owners doesn’t stop after the papers are signed; they offer professional training sessions to help both dog and human get off on the right foot and their adoption package includes reminders about important dates such as sterilisation deadlines.

Causes For Animals Singapore: CAS Admin, My Mail Box 889051, Singapore 919191 (mail only) | Website | Facebook | Email

10. Animal Lovers League

The well-being of their charges is one thing that Animal Lovers League (ALL) emphasises heavily, with healthcare packages, separate from their normal sponsorship arrangements, available for dog- and cat-lovers to sign up for if they want to help but cannot adopt.

While adoption is free, they are protective of their (as they call the them) precious kids and will keep in contact after adoption, to give continued support. This can be rather reassuring for first-time pet owners who have had no experience and may need help now and then.

Animal Lovers League: 61 Pasir Ris Farmway 3, Singapore 518232 | Opening Hours: 12pm – 6pm (visits by appointment) | Tel: +65 9154 6422 | Website | Facebook | Email

11. Voices For Animals

Voices For Animals is involved in feeding, rescuing and relocating the animals they love so much. As with many animal welfare groups, they place importance on sterilisation and screening of potential adopters to make sure the pets are truly better off with their new family.

Do note that the Adoption Centre is only open during drives, which are announced on their Facebook page, and pets up for adoption are usually not young but just as deserving of a loving home.

Voices For Animal: Facebook | Email

12. LostPaws

LostPaws is very community-based and works by connecting animal-lovers to each other, allowing those who have no choice but to give up their pets find new owners as quickly as possible. The website also hosts free advertisements for lost-and-found pets so that people have a way to get in touch and return them to their owners.

A key initiative related to this is Community Watch, which can alert you of missing pets in your area so you can assist in keeping an eye out for them. It’s all about spreading news to keep connected here, so visit their website to get into the loop!

LostPaws: Website | Facebook | Email

13. Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals, Singapore (SPCA Singapore)

The SPCA needs no introduction with its wide range of adoption and animal rescue efforts, in addition to the many volunteer opportunities that people can sign up for.

Being an established organisation, SPCA offers more with its membership programmes, through which you can receive SPCA publications for a small fee that goes to running the organisation, and even information on careers and internships for those who are more passionate about getting involved with helping advocate animal welfare.

SPCA Singapore: 50 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 699012 | Opening Hours: 11am – 4pm (Daily, Closed On Thursdays) | Tel: +65 6287 5355 | Website | Facebook | Email

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