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Broomball: Channel Your Inner Harry Potter With Ice Hockey & Broomsticks At JCube

When you’re not a natural at sports that require a certain finesse and/or balance, the embarrassment of not being able to do it well in front of your friends would probably make you curl up into a ball. But this new sport that was invented in Canada seems like the perfect solution for people (like me) who are not as good at balancing.

Broomball is a variation of ice hockey, except that the main equipment has been replaced to be more user-friendly for those who are less inclined to sports. Broomball requires ice shoes, instead of skates, larger ‘broomsticks’ instead of hockey sticks, and a big round ball instead of the usual hockey puck.

These changes really make the game more accessible to people, but don’t go thinking it’s a noob sport, as there are Broomball championships held worldwide!

Though it is a sport that is quite easy to play, it is actually a very expensive sport too, costing a whopping $749 for a team of eight to play for one hour.

I know I’m not willing to cough up $94 for an hour on the ice, but for those who have the money — why not, eh?

Price: $749 (For a team of up to 8 people)

Broomball: The Rink, JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, Level 3, JCube, 609731 | Website | More Info

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