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| On 4 years ago

10 Make-Up Products Highly Recommended By Sephora Assistants In Singapore

Give any lady, or gentleman (because we really can’t assume anything anymore, it’s 2017), a reason to not love Sephora and you’ll find that it’s almost impossible. The global make up superstore is pure magic.

So we get it, there’re tons of make-up and we only have one face, but that hasn’t stopped anyone from owning a truckload. In an effort to save money and space (which we know isn’t happening), we’ve asked the make-up gurus at Sephora to recommend their top 10 make-up products.

So maybe, just maybe, we can stick to these staples and be satisfied. Ha, who am I kidding, I’m getting these 10 products and then some.

1. Cover FX Primer (S$60 – S$62)

So, we have to prime our skin for make-up to protect the skin, cover up pores and smooth it all out or colour correct. Whatever the reason, a primer is important.

Our gurus told us to head straight for Cover FX’s Primer and we did. Choose from four different types of primers — calming, anti-ageing, mattifying and acne treatment or illuminating — and your skin is ready to glow.

2. Cover FX Foundation (S$65)

A good foundation sets, well, a good foundation for the rest of the make-up to build upon. Okay so, Cover FX gets the spot yet again.

With over 30 shades of liquid foundation, you’ll definitely find one that suits your skin. I really like how it blends pretty easily and has an oil-free, natural finish.

If you’re looking for a higher coverage, try the cream-based foundation. For sheer mineral coverage, definitely get the mineral foundation with SPF30.

3. Laura Mercier Loose Powder / Setting Powder (S$69)

Commonly overlooked, a loose powder helps to set the foundation, or rather ‘bake’ it. You can use a pressed mineral foundation powder to also set it but why not heed our gurus’ advice and get your pretty little paws on Laura Mercier’s invisible setting powder?

It doesn’t add any more pigmentation or shine if you prefer a matte finish. If you’re part of the second camp, Laura Mercier’s still got your back. There’s a candleglow perfecting powder or translucent setting powder too.

Either way, you’re sorted.

4. IT Cosmetics Contouring Palette (S$58)

Contouring is literally the best thing ever, I mean if you can create the illusion of a sharper nose, higher cheekbones and a sexy jaw line (also cleavage but let’s not go there), where’s the sense in not practising it?

We were recommended the IT Cosmetic’s contour palette, which was created in consultation with plastic surgeons to give the best aesthetic results, with anti-ageing properties and silky powder. The powder is really smooth upon application, with a high pigmentation.

The palette comes with four different shades for contouring and two shades for highlighting, complete with a Face Sculpting Chart guide. Once again, sorted.

5. Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow (S$83)

Ah, we’re getting a little fancy here, with the blending of eyeshadow and colours that pop. While eyeshadow is a pretty personal thing, the recommended palette is Urban Decay’s Naked series. Anyone acquainted with that series (ME!), will understand its magical abilities.

Catering to all your needs, different Naked palettes contain different themes of shades. For example, the first one contains more bronzy and earthy shades while the second one houses more nudes and pinks. So really, you’ll find your cuppa tea here no matter the look you’re going for.

6. Benefit Brow Bar (S$39 – S$60)

The recent surge in a strong eyebrow game is all thanks to Cara Delevigne, and we can forget those scrawny and weirdly curved thin brows – we’re talking intensely thick statement brows. Or the straight cute Korean ones. Either way, Benefit’s newest brow line is going to rock your world.

With a comprehensive range that includes brow nourishment gel to pamper your brows when they’re not being shaded by pencils, mascaras and powders, there’s every reason to visit Benefit’s Brow Bar.

7. IT Cosmetics Mascara (S$42)

Basically something I can’t live without. Like, take away my eyeliner, it’s okay, but not my mascara. And Sephora’s make-up guru suggested IT Cosmetics once again, with its award-winning voluminous brush that slathers on a copious amount of black to create those sultry and thick lashes.

Seduction comes easy now.

8. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush (S$47)

If you’re not really into the contouring business, then a blusher might do the sweet cheeks look for you. Check out Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush that contains natural clay from, you guessed it, the banks of the Amazon River.

The best part is its durability of 12 hours, plus the easy application process.

9. Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick (S$50)

This one’s a tough one because lipstick is a world of its own. But something’s gotta top the lot and it’s Yves Saint Laurent’s lipstick for sure. It’s not only moisturising and easy to apply, but smells like heaven and by heaven I mean peach.

It also comes in a gold-tinted case that doubles up as a mirror for application anytime, anywhere. Stay classy.

10. Kat Von D Eyeliner (S$32)

Cat liners, winged liners, whatever the liners, Kat Von D’s tattoo liner is owning this. A felt liner with jet black ink, it’s easy to draw a sleek line to create that ultra seductive cat liner. Meow.

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