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14 Alternative Ways To Use Make Up As Other Forms Of Make Up

I don’t know what make up is if not versatile – we often forget to explore the other ways that we can put it to use. Who’s to say that lipstick is only for our lips? Don’t let the world tell you what to do, we’ve been through enough dictatorships already.

Here’s a list of 14 alternative ways to mess around with your make up, mostly as other forms of make up. The world’s your oyster baby.

1. Lipstick to Colour Correct before Concealing

No matter how much concealer we apply sometimes, we can never seem to completely get rid of the under-eye dark circles and that’s really, really annoying. The trick to get full coverage is really to colour correct the area with red tint first, before applying concealer over.

The reason being that red helps to neutralise dark purple and blue undertones, minimizing the appearance of the dark circles. There’s no point in purchasing a tint specially for that so why not dab some red lipstick on to solve the problem?

Apply concealer in an inverted triangle under the eye and blend away.

2. Eyeshadow as Eyebrow Filler

If your favourite eyebrow palette has run out and you’ve no other spare, you can substitute it with a shade of eyeshadow that suits your brow colour. Gently fill it in with an angled liner brush and you’re sorted.

3. Lipstick as Cream Blusher

Heh, use that same red lipstick and dab it all over your cheeks, blend it well and you’ve got yourself a rosy cream blusher. The best part yet? You can customise your own colour, maybe some orange hues or even light violet. Go crazy.

4. Lipstick as Eyeshadow Base (Primer)

To prevent eyeshadow from falling onto your face when you apply it, use an eye primer first which can be substituted by a nude lipstick. This will only work if you happen to have a nude lipstick and if you don’t, refer to point number five.

5. Concealer as Primer

The versatile concealer to the rescue! I’ve always wondered why people aren’t using concealers as eye primer because they’re pretty much of the same colour, consistency and texture. Oh well.

6. Lipstick as Eyeshadow

It works SO well. Just slather on whichever shade you wish or blend them all together and clean off the excess with a make up removal wipe or a Q-tip with hand cream.

If you’re blending colours, I suggest doing it on your wrist first to get the right shade. That way you save time, effort and embarrassment from looking too much like a clown.

7. Nude Lipstick to Conceal

If you don’t have any nude lipstick, remember that concealer works as well. Dab the sides of your lips and slowly work your way to the middle, then apply a darker shade on the inside of your lips and gradient it out for that duo shade lip look.

8. Eyeshadow as Lipstick

Stay golden by applying gold eyeshadow over your red lips. Not to worry, eyeshadow is edible (I’ve eaten enough to tell). Besides, if it’s safe for your eyes, it should be safe for your tummy.

9. Powder Blush for a Matte Lip Finish

Matte lips are all the rage right now and there’s a way to get all that matte without spending too much money, or none at all actually. Just brush powdered blush over your lips after applying lipstick and there you go. Matte lips.

10. Lipgloss as Eyeshadow for that Wet Look

The whole haute couture wet eyeshadow look is really hot right now, and you can achieve that without too much hassle at home. Simply dab on your eyeshadow as per usual and then finish it off with some gloss.

‘Some’ is the key word – you don’t want it to end up overly sticky.

11. Liquid Lipstick for Coloured Eyeliner

Grab an angled liner brush and use your liquid lipstick for a striking coloured eyeliner. This way, you can have as exciting an eyeliner colour as you wish. The sky’s your limit darling. Or your funds.

12. Eyeshadow to Contour & Highlight

Doesn’t Kat Von D’s famous Shade + Light contour kit remind you of your eyeshadow palette? If you’re new to the game and want to try it out before spending some Godforsaken sum of money, use your eyeshadow palette. It works, trust me.

It’s pretty simple and everything is powder in base which is what makes this work. Use a darker shade (like deep tan) for contouring of your jaw line, and a lighter tone (something silver or glitter pink) for highlighting your cheekbones and T-zone.

13. Lipstick to Contour & 14. Concealer as Highlighter

If you have a deep brown shade of lipstick, slather it on as if it’s a contour stick and accentuate all your facial curves. If not, a darker shade of foundation works too!

Remember what I said about concealer being super versatile? It can also double up as a highlighter. Just apply it on your T-zone, cheek bones and you’re done.

If you have other alternatives to wearing your make up, we’d like to know!

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