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Mitchell Pereira

Lover of all things that go bump in the night, Mitchell a.k.a "Gragok Jahat" is a seasoned writer with experience to perhaps fill a pint glass or two. Still seeking permanent residence at his local bar.

6 Things That You Should Know About MMA Before Watching Your First Match

With the emergence of UFC, ONE Championship and Angela Lee, there’s been a sudden increase in interest in the sport.…

2 years ago

Take To The High Seas & Rave Your Booty Off From 17 – 20 November On A Round Boat Trip From SG To Phuket

If you too want to be on a boat and be a king like Leo, then you need to get…

4 years ago

How Malays Feel About The Next President Of Singapore Being Chosen For Her Ethnicity

If you've grown up with an older sibling, you'll know this feeling very well. I'm the eldest in my family…

2 years ago

Dream Theater: Celebrate 25 Years Of Progressive Metal & Epic Rock Opera This 3 Oct ’17 In SG

Dream Theater is to rock what Cirque Du Soleil is to circus. The band has been together a long, long…

4 years ago

Early Childhood Education In Singapore Today: What Happened To Nap Time & Finger Painting?

I remember when I thought of preschool as just another childcare centre. I hate starting any conversation with the words…

2 years ago

AFC ’17: The Lowdown On Why Sylvester Sim & Steven Lim Are Going Head-To-Head This 23 Sept

After watching Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather spend 12 rounds knocking each other about, we Singaporeans are treated to yet…

2 years ago

The Singapore Thai Disco: A Glimpse Into The Different Facets Of A Siam Diu

It isn’t easy competing with the likes of his other bandmates, neither does he strive to. He bobs to the…

3 years ago

Bata: Everyone’s Fav Brand Of School Shoes Is Here To Stay, With A Makeover & Plan For The Future

If you're Singaporean, chances are you'll know Bata. I used to buy shoes from the brand for school, but then…

4 years ago

Buzzvox App: Say Goodbye To The Bike Lock & Hello To The Future Of Secure e-Bike Racks In SG

We're heading into a contactless and techno-smart society, and it's going to affect everything; Things such as the future of…

4 years ago

GaiGai: This Date Via An Offline Matchmaking Service In Singapore Did Not Go At All As Planned

There are a ton of apps out there in Singapore that assist those stuck in the lonely hearts club. Not…

2 years ago

Born In China: Disneynature Brings You An Intimate Look Into The Majestic Wildlife Of China This Aug ’17

China is a land of mysticism shaped by its natural wonders and impressive creatures. Out in the country, away from…

4 years ago

SINGAWHORE: The Art Exhibition I Know All Of You Want To Go To From Now Till 3 Sep ’17 At Chinatown

I know you say bad things about Singapore. All of us like to say things about our country, and if…

4 years ago

Telegram MRT Bot: An NSF Created An App So That You Don’t Break Down When The MRT Does

Some people like to say that at least compared to other countries, our Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is still…

4 years ago

Custom Nike iD: Never Wear The Same Kicks As Anyone Ever Again

I'm sure you want to stick out like a well-manicured thumb in our world of over-hyped beasts. Nobody usually goes…

4 years ago

William Farquhar & Singapore, Stepping Out From Raffles’ Shadow: A Paradigm Shift In Singapore’s Early History

In two short years, Singapore will be commemorating our colonisation by the British Empire. One of the two men responsible…

4 years ago

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