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Buzzvox App: Say Goodbye To The Bike Lock & Hello To The Future Of Secure e-Bike Racks In SG

We’re heading into a contactless and techno-smart society, and it’s going to affect everything; Things such as the future of parking your bicycles.

If you’re one of those who still has your own bicycle, you no longer need to ride it around with a padlock wrapped around its frame. Buzzvox is a game-changing bike rack that’ll keep your bike safely secured whilst you’re off gallivanting.

Buzzvox is an app that’ll help you locate bike racks near you as well as activate the locks on them. Scooter riders will also be able to leave their scooters parked safely as well, so there are now more reasons for us to see people travel by scooter.

Buzzvox offers more than just security though – it offers you GPS location and route recommendations, a bot to answer all your queries, as well as blockchain technology to set your mind at ease when paying online.

The rise of skynet seems to be merely around the corner, and the need for you to start getting involved in tech is now.

Price: Free on Google Playstore and iPhone App Store

Buzzvox App: Android | iPhone | Website | Facebook

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