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| On 2 years ago

AFC ’17: The Lowdown On Why Sylvester Sim & Steven Lim Are Going Head-To-Head This 23 Sept

After watching Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather spend 12 rounds knocking each other about, we Singaporeans are treated to yet another celebrity match-up between two former Idol contestants.

Whilst one could actually sing and finished as first runner-up, the other has gone from eyebrow plucker to stripper, modelling agency owner and even a self-declared YouTube sensation.

I got a few words from Sylvester Sim in the lead up to his fight with Steven Lim and found out a little more about what this whole fight is actually about.

At first I assumed that anyone would take the opportunity to rain down a few blows on Steven Lim, but that’s not the case with Sylvester, although I believe he somehow feels that way deep down inside.

Their “beef” began with a small argument on social media. According to Sylvester though, they’ve trashed out their differences and put the matter to bed. Their fight has little to do with this former beef and more to do with Sylvester’s role as a founder of AFC (Asia Fighting Championship).

The Asia Fighting Championship will hold its inaugural tournament on 23 September 2017. The exhibition match between the two former Idol contestants will be followed by professional Muay Thai fighters, with four belts up for grabs.

Sylvester has done well to draw attention to the event with his and Steven’s participation. Drawing crowds to watch what will be a truly entertaining bout for the masses.

Since Singapore Idol came to an end, Sylvester has established himself as an Event Organiser. He prides himself on his strong focus on giving back to the industry by grooming young musicians and providing them with guidance and opportunities for exposure.

Steven’s inclusion in the fight was actually an idea of Sylvester’s to ensure that the event gained some traction. A smart move considering that Steven has always had the right awkward appeal that would draw eyeballs to such an event.

However both “fighters” aren’t leaving anything to chance. They’re both getting sponsored training from Muse Fitness, a Muay Thai gym. Their trainings aren’t coordinated though, and they’ve been given the freedom to choose their own regimes.

Despite the match being billed as a grudge match that started with unresolved “beef” from 2008, Sylvester bears no animosity towards his competitor and I believes the same to be true for Steven. Although the punches won’t be pulled the fight is purely an exhibition.

Steven has in the past posted videos of himself sparring under his block. And if his videos are anything to go by, then it really is a little worrying as he throws a punch just like Dwight Schrute.

And whilst I haven’t seen any evidence that Sylvester has better fundamentals, it does seem like he has a better grasp on the event. His added knowledge could prove to be the deciding factor.

The training would probably come in handier for the self-proclaimed big brother of the nation, who’d probably require more preparation in the build up to his fight. Sylvester does believe however, that Steven’s bigger frame might be to his advantage.

Sylvester has also proven to show more passion for the craft, having dreamt of being a professional wrestler since he was six. He has dreams of actually stepping into a professional ring at some point in the future.

As for a rematch happening – chances are pretty slim. Making this a once-in-a-lifetime event to watch the two go toe to toe in a Muay Thai fight.

Well whatever the outcome of the fight, I believe that it will be an entertaining bout throughout. And if that doesn’t entertain, there’ll still be professional Muay Thai bouts that follow.

Date & Time: 23 September 2017, 6pm

Price: From $58

Asia Fighting Championship: Marina Bay Sands, Hall A, Sands Expo And Convention Centre, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956 | Website | Tickets


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