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Custom Nike iD: Never Wear The Same Kicks As Anyone Ever Again

I’m sure you want to stick out like a well-manicured thumb in our world of over-hyped beasts.

Nobody usually goes to the Nike website to get their kicks, but here’s a good reason why you might want to before purchasing your next pair – the Custom Nike iD.

If you’re looking to get a certain colour-way for your Nike Airmax 90s or go patriotic with your next pair of Nike Mariah Flyknit Racers, then you certainly should check out the site and play around with the various colour schemes.

The site is pretty user friendly and smooth despite the variety of changes you’re able to play around with. You’re also not limited to customising only street kicks. If you’re an avid Sunday footballer, there are cleats up for tweaking too.

Even if you’re not looking to buy anything, it’s still pretty fun to just mess around with the various colours.

Price: Upwards from $279 depending on the model of sneaker

NikeiD: Website | Customise

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