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Don Teo

I know a lot about a little, a little about a lot.

12 Days of Hype Giveaway: Product Spotlight—PlayStation 4 Party Bundle

Based on a survey by Limelight Networks, Singapore gamers spend 7.44 hours on average each week playing video games, topping…

1 year ago

Razer Streamer’s Kit: 12 Days of Hype Giveaway — Product Spotlight

Electronic sports (esports) has grown rapidly over the recent years, and its development has been staggering, to say the least.…

1 year ago

Pure Power Pack: 12 Days of Hype Giveaway — Product Spotlight

Exercise and nutrition have always been prevalent in Singapore. A healthy lifestyle is desired by many, but we often fall…

1 year ago

One-on-one With Will And Well Founder Elisa Lim: A Journey Through Adversity

There are times in life when we feel down and out, and it seems like there is no way to…

1 year ago

PRISM+ 4K TV: 12 Days of Hype Giveaway — Product Spotlight

Watching shows on Netflix on our phones or laptops might not be as satisfying when compared to bigger screens such…

1 year ago

July Suitcase: 12 Days of Hype Giveaway — Product Spotlight

It’s this time of the year again where holiday plans are in full swing as we seek a getaway from…

1 year ago

Arlo Pro 3 Security System: 12 Days of Hype Giveaway — Product Spotlight

Singapore might be one of the safest countries in the world due to its low crime rate. With almost guaranteed…

1 year ago

JBL Tune 120TWS: 12 Days of Hype Giveaway — Product Spotlight

Many are jumping on the bandwagon of wireless headphones in recent times due to its convenience and alleviating the problem…

1 year ago

Discovering Alcholics Anonymous In Singapore – The Battle Against Alcoholism

Drinking has long been synonymous with the nightlife scene in Singapore, and it probably remains an essential part of most…

1 year ago

One-on-one With Owner Of Baju By Oniatta, Oniatta Effendi: From Education to Batik

Growing up, I have always been fascinated with the traditional clothing of different cultures. I believe that apart from being…

1 year ago

Witness The 10th Red Bull Music 3Style World DJ Championships At Club Yang On 23 Nov

Catch local DJs competing and impressing the crowd with their remixed tunes at the 10th global edition Red Bull Music…

1 year ago

PRISM+ Launches The Cheapest Ultra-High Definition TVs In Singapore

Having a high-quality product at a cheap price point might seem too good to be true to the masses, especially…

1 year ago

The Mystery Of The Short-Distance Bus Stops At Potong Pasir: What Can You Do in 33 Seconds

My journey to work involves taking bus service 142 at Potong Pasir Exit B and alighting a few stops later…

1 year ago

Puma X Balmain Cara Delevingne Collection Launching In Singapore On 21 November

We have seen amazing fashion collaborations in the past such as Versace x. This time, another addition to the list…

1 year ago

Singapore Will Be Having A Day Without Cleaners On 26 April 2020

Singapore is known to many as one of the cleanest countries globally and it is all down to the hard…

1 year ago

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