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12 Days of Hype Giveaway: Product Spotlight—PlayStation 4 Party Bundle

Based on a survey by Limelight Networks, Singapore gamers spend 7.44 hours on average each week playing video games, topping that of other Asian countries. Gaming is a wildly popular hobby among Singaporeans.

Sony’s PlayStation series stands as one of the world’s most popular gaming consoles to date. Most of us have probably been introduced to Playstation in our childhood and have never let go of this source of gaming entertainment up until its latest version, PlayStation 4 (PS4). With an abundance of exclusive games made available on the console, PS4 guarantees entertainment no matter your age. It is a perfect gift for your children to introduce them to the world of gaming.

To that end, Sony has in store a PlayStation 4 Party Bundle consisting of a PS4 system, two DualShock wireless controllers, and two exclusive games worth S$479 to satisfy your entertainment needs this Christmas.

User-Friendly Console

The Sony PS4 has a refined and sleek frame as compared to its predecessors, making it easy for users to carry around and satisfy their gaming needs anywhere. The connections at the back are now all-digital, and users have the option of connecting online via Ethernet, an HDMI port to connect it to the television, and an aux port for the optional PlayStation Camera as well. The console’s innards are noticeably much quieter than the current-gen machines and make it less of a noise hassle for users.

Enhanced Features In Controllers

The DualShock controllers are enhanced with a textured coating on the base and dual sticks that aid grip for users. The dual sticks are improved with stiffer control that allows users to be more accurate in their movement. To further immerse the user in the gameplay, a motor rumble and speaker is added to the controller.

New features are also added in the controllers to give users a chance to record and review their gameplay. The Share button is a one-stop solution for users to upload image stills and videos of their game on to social media; users can even stream directly once an account is set up. A quick click of the button will take a screenshot of the gameplay and saves the last 15 minutes to the hard drive, allowing users to review and improve their gameplay.

The Options button is a surrogate pause button that also brings up contextual info when in the main interface and lets you delete items in the menu.

Signature Games

The two games included in this Party Bundle are the signature ones that most PlayStation lovers will recognise—EA Sports FIFA 20 and Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. A FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT20) Rare Player Pack redemption voucher card will also be made available. Players of FIFA can now have a premium addition to your team with this pack.

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