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Starbucks Taiwan Is Dropping Their Latest Constellation Mug Collection On 26 Dec For Astrology Lovers

Many of us are guilty of waiting with bated breath every season in anticipation of a new collection of Starbucks Merchandise to drop. And while their Christmas series is no longer a surprise, Starbucks Taiwan has surprised us with their latest Constellation Collection of mugs.

Credit – Starbucks Taiwan

Dropping on 26 December 2019, these mugs will definitely be a collector’s item for all you astrology fans out there. And even if you don’t believe in all that jazz, you gotta admit that it’s fun to own merchandise tailor-made to your birth month.

Credit – Starbucks Taiwan

In my opinion, the attention to detail in this collection is what makes it super special. Within the Sign motifs plastered across the cup lie more intricate details such as the tiny coffee beans that pepper the surface, staying true to its status as merchandise of the coffee brand. The ring surrounding each Sign is also a reflection of the signature Starbucks logo that we know all too well.

Credit – Starbucks Taiwan

Also, if you give the mugs extra scrutiny, you’ll realise that they’re split according to fire and water signs, with the former bearing red accents on the inside, and the latter, blue. The cup is also adorned with flowing clouds, ripples and leaves where they are deem fit, appropriate to each sign.

I may not be a believer of astrology, but I’d defo snag a mug or two if I were in Taiwan.

Date: 26 December 2019
Price: 750 NT$ (approx S$33.71)

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