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PRISM+ Launches The Cheapest Ultra-High Definition TVs In Singapore

Having a high-quality product at a cheap price point might seem too good to be true to the masses, especially with the sheer number of digital products available that will make you break the bank. Thankfully, Singapore’s homegrown brand PRISM+ has just launched the cheapest ultra high definition (UHD) television that is available in the market.

Credit – PRISM+

Unveiled during the Tech Show 2019, PRISM+ announced the E-series TV range where consumers can now get their hands on the UHD smart televisions starting from the 43” range to the premium 55” UHD smart television at almost half the current market price for televisions within the same range.

The affordable price point for the TV’s premium features include built-in 4K Netflix app, High Dynamic Range (HDR) capability, In-Plane Switching (IPS) panels and bezel-less screens make PRISM+ an ideal option for those who want to get a 4K or UHD viewing experience but are not willing to splurge excessively on a new TV.

Credit – PRISM+

The IPS panels used in PRISM+’are able to reproduce images in a more accurate colour while providing better viewing angles. Coupled with its HDR feature, PRISM+ is able to put out up to 400 nits of brightness and this enables supported graphics formats to look more natural and real as it is accentuated with fine details in the tones and shadows, providing you with an immersive entertainment experience.

Credit – PRISM+

PRISM+’s Smart TV range is currently available in three sizes, 32”, 43” and 55” with only the 43” and 55” having UHD. It is priced at S$239, S$459, S$599 respectively and will be available for purchase in December 2019.

PRISM+ Singapore: Website

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