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Local Brand Cozzleyy Turns Familiar Singaporean Snacks And Products Into Unique AirPod Cases

Local Instagram-shop, ‘Cozzleyy’ has taken it up a notch with their uniquely designed AirPod casings. With everyone getting their hands on a pair of AirPods, trying to distinguish between them can only mean one thing—customised cases.

In comparison to the AirPod cases you find in stores that are made up of silicone and can only be found in a singular colour, Cozzleyy’s AirPod cases are personalised and crafted after familiar Singaporean snacks and products.

Seeing that almost every product could be turned into an accessory, the Cozzleyy brand aimed to turn daily products into a useful object that fulfils both aesthetics and function.

Each AirPod case is priced at S$14, and Cozzleyy releases new designs every two weeks. Currently, they’re working on casings for the newly released AirPod Pros.

All the designs can be purchased via their Instagram page.

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