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Pure Power Pack: 12 Days of Hype Giveaway — Product Spotlight

Exercise and nutrition have always been prevalent in Singapore. A healthy lifestyle is desired by many, but we often fall victim to procrastination, thinking that today will be the day our shoes are laced up to hit the track only to end up hitting the sack.

Leading wellness brand Pure Group has unveiled this year’s version of their annual Power Pack. It is a gift of complete well-being that aims to recharge and reinvigorate Singaporeans with elements of exercise and nutrition. This Power Pack is a fitting gift for yourself to embark on a fitness adventure as well as a holiday gift that is unique and practical for your friends and family.

The Pure Group is Asia’s leading premium lifestyle brand that includes Pure Yoga,, Pure Fitness, Pure Nutrition, Pure Apparel, and organic food. The Pure Group is an integrated community dedicated to helping people lead a happier and balanced lifestyle with the myriad of fitness services it provides such as kickboxing, freestyle circuit classes, and yoga, coupled with performance-enhancing activewear and their range of organic food.

Pack Bundle Benefits

Recipients of this bundle will have month-long access to all Pure Yoga and Pure Fitness locations islandwide, as well as two 7-day guest passes. Get to experience the world’s first 270° Immersive FitnessTM studio where there are plenty of training facilities and tools for you to get your hands on. Kickstart your fitness journey with the guidance of professional trainers from all around the world and small group training sessions.

For those who are seeking yoga as an activity to carry out your fitness regime, Pure Yoga offers classes by practitioners, and workshops held by guest yoga teachers. There is even an online yoga video platform that enables yoga on the go with access to a library of yoga videos for you to practice yoga anytime and anywhere you want.

The Pack also includes $40 worth of vouchers redeemable against nutritious goodies at Purenood food, $35 for community-inspired activewear at Pure Apparel, and $30 voucher, redeemable at any of Pure’s one-of-a-kind workshops.

Giveaway details

2 x Pure Power Pack worth $510

One Month access to all Pure Yoga and Pure Fitness locations islandwide,
$40 worth of nood food vouchers redeemable for organic food and drinks at Pure Group’s nutritious café,
$35 worth of Pure Apparel vouchers for innovative, community-inspired activewear,
$30 worth of vouchers redeemable against Pure’s one-of-a-kind workshops, and
Two 7-day guest passes for friends

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