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Razer Streamer’s Kit: 12 Days of Hype Giveaway — Product Spotlight

Electronic sports (esports) has grown rapidly over the recent years, and its development has been staggering, to say the least. It is no surprise that experts have estimated the esports market to exceed US$1.6 billion by 2021. This has paved the way for aspiring gamers to treat gaming as an ambition instead of a hobby.

The field of esports is highly competitive and enticing the audience to watch your performance through live streams might be tough if you do not have the appropriate equipment to ensure smooth viewing. Razer, the world leader in high-performance gaming hardware, software and systems, has in store a beginner’s streamer kit consisting of three accessories to enhance streamer’s gaming experience.

Razer is a homegrown brand co-founded by Tan Min-Liang, and it has made its journey to the pinnacle of the gaming hardware industry, reaching the level of a billion-dollar tech giant. With refined designs and high-quality performance accessories to suit your gaming ware, Razer has made a mark in the gaming world with its products that ensure an exquisite gaming experience for users.

Razer Seiren Emote

To replace the typical streaming microphones that streamers use to communicate with the masses, Razer has introduced into its line-up, the Razer Seiren Emote—the world’s first professional-grade streaming microphone featuring an emoticon display. Streamers can engage with their audience on a creative level with an 8-bit Emoticon LED display as it synchronizes the emoticons displayed on the microphone to on-stream events.

Elsewhere, the Razer Seiren Emote protects against unwanted noise with a built-in shock mount as it ensures that the audience’s audio will not be disrupted if the streamer experience any knocks or bumps.

Razer Kraken Ultimate

The Razer Kraken Ultimate comes equipped with THX® Spatial Audio technology to deliver pinpoint accuracy. The sound produced in the Razer Kraken Ultimate immerses the user in the gaming environment, giving greater awareness which allows the streamer to locate sneaking enemies, avoid whizzing bullets, and detect nearby threats.

With the Discord-certified and active noise-cancelling microphone attached to the Kraken Ultimate, streamers can effectively cancel out unnecessary sounds from the background and enhance the clarity of their communication with their teammates in the gameplay.

The eyewear-friendly cooling gel-infused ear cushions also ensure long-lasting comfort while gaming. The Kraken Ultimate ultra-soft padded headband is built with a bauxite aluminium frame to handle the rigours of extended gaming sessions that might cause wear and tear to the headphones.

Razer Ripsaw HD

The Razer Ripsaw HD is an external multi-platform video capture card with full HD capture and 4K streaming. Streamers can look forward to the enhanced gaming experience and broadcast the latest games at high resolution and frame rates from both their PC or console.

The built-in audio mixer allows streamers to broadcast both their game and microphone audio with zero latency and no syncing delays. The microphone input allows streamers to use one microphone across two PCs, removing the need for complicated audio mixer or software set-ups and allowing streamers to use in-game comms while still broadcasting their voice audio to their stream.

Razer Streamer Program

The Razer Streamer Program is a gaming community by Razer that exists to provide the support and opportunity for all gamers, whether you’re new or a seasoned veteran. The multi-tier streamer program gives exciting discounts and benefits to every category of streamer. You can also earn a commission for coveted Razer products when you sign up as an advocate.

Giveaway Details

Total worth of $751

1 x Razer Kraken Ultimate
1 x Razer Seiren Emote
1 x Razer Ripsaw HD

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