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Puma X Balmain Cara Delevingne Collection Launching In Singapore On 21 November

We have seen amazing fashion collaborations in the past such as Versace x. This time, another addition to the list of famed collaborations featuring iconic fashion brands PUMA and BALMAIN are joining forces to debut their new collection created with English actress Cara Delevingne.

Credit – Puma x Balmain

This boxing-inspired campaign is centred around the real-life stories of people who are actually fighting today’s good fights; those bravely taking a stand for what they believe in and those defending everyone’s right to be themselves. 

Credit – Puma x Balmain

This collection showcases traditional boxing gear and other apparel infused with Parisian couture, complete with accessories such as duffel bags, beanies and chokers.

Credit – Puma x Balmain

Signature silhouettes such as the PUMA Cell Stellar and PUMA Deva have been refined with a luxurious yet edgy feel, encapsulating the very spirit of this tie-up where fashion meets sports.

The PUMA x BALMAIN, CREATED WITH CARA DELEVINGNE collection launches worldwide on November 21 and this collection will be available exclusively at PUMA SELECT MBS, online as well as Limited Edt. Chambers. in Singapore. 

PUMA x Balmain, Created with Cara Delevingne: Website

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