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Angus Pay

Uniqlo’s New T-Shirt Collection Features Adorable Pokemon Designs – Dropping 24 June

Uniqlo has released a range of Pokemon shirts which will hit the shelves in Singapore this 24 June 2019. What's special…

1 year ago

IDS Aesthetics Is Offering Unlimited Facials Every Month For S$450 In Singapore

Buffets are usually associated with food. But not anymore, with a new facial buffet launched by IDS Aesthetics, a local skin-care…

1 year ago

Drink Bubble Tea Without A Straw With This Straw-less Boba Cup Available Soon In Taiwan

It is without question how much we adore bubble tea in Asia. However, amidst the enjoyment, we fail to realise…

1 year ago

Snapchat’s New Gender Filter Hilariously Transforms You Into The Opposite Gender

Recently, Snapchat has released two filters that broke the Internet. This filter takes your face and transforms it into an…

1 year ago

Nespresso Releases Barista Creations With 3 New Blends Specially For Milk Coffee Lovers

Nespresso is known for its wide variety of black espresso coffees and while adding milk to coffee is just another…

1 year ago

New Kirby Coffret Makeup Collection Launching At Lawson Outlets In Japan This 25 May

There's a new Kirby Coffret makeup collection being launched this 25 May at Lawson outlets in Japan by Banpresto that will capture the…

1 year ago

Adorable Hello Kitty Safari Cushions From McDonalds Taiwan Are Driving People Crazy – Available 15 May

Nothing tugs at the heartstrings more than the endearing face of Hello Kitty. And McDonalds Taiwan has cleverly employed this…

1 year ago

Pokemon-Themed Shoes, Caps & Bags Released By Pony Available In Bangkok

After the blockbuster collaboration between Adidas Neo and The Pokemon Company, I'd thought I'll never see another Pokemon merchandise for…

1 year ago

Mala Peppercorn Toothpaste With 3 Spice Levels On Taobao For True Mala Fans

The internet never fails to shock me with their mind-blowing shenanigans and antics. And I might have found the most…

1 year ago

Tamagotchi Makes An Epic Comeback After 23 Years In Colour Available On Amazon This 28 July

Before the Netflix era, my entire childhood revolved around Tamagotchi . I still recall the nostalgia of carrying it around…

1 year ago

Limited Edition One Piece EZ-Link Cards Available Now At All Golden Village Cinemas In Singapore

Themed EZ-Link cards seem to be in the hot thing recently with the overwhelming number of designs being released. Now…

1 year ago

Grab’s Upcoming Upgrade Lets You Plan Trips, Stream Shows, Book Tickets & Hotel Rooms

Grab has been constantly redefining itself to become an all-in-one super app. The Grab app has already absorbed Grab food…

1 year ago

Collect This Set Of Pikachu Avengers Action Figures Now Available For Pre-Order

Pokemon and Avengers are easily the most beloved franchises right now and you can get the best of both worlds…

1 year ago

Rock Out With These Glittery Vans, Converse & Other Shoe Brands Now Available On Etsy

There's an inexplicable charm in having glitter on everything. If you are on board the sparkly bandwagon, then you should…

1 year ago

The Secrets Behind The Sexy V-Shaped Body & How To Get It

Aren't we all guilty of salivating at those ripped Hollywood actors with their alluring V-shaped body? Regretfully, it is harder…

1 year ago

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