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| On 2 years ago

Drink Bubble Tea Without A Straw With This Straw-less Boba Cup Available Soon In Taiwan

Credit – FLOAT

It is without question how much we adore bubble tea in Asia. However, amidst the enjoyment, we fail to realise how much we are harming the environment with a large number of plastics being used.

From the cup to the lid and the straw, they certainly do not help with global warming woes. Fortunately, the advent of an environmentally friendly straw-less boba cup by FLOAT should put our worries to rest.

This revolutionary straw-less boba cup has a compartment which houses the pearls at the top, eliminating the need for a straw. As a bubble tea fanatic, this ingenious invention not only saves plastic but also reduces pearls wastage. Just bring this to your next bubble tea purchase instead of using their plastic cups!

It is often one of the greatest hassles to scrap for those pearls amidst all the ice at the bottom but not anymore with this brilliant addition.

Credit – FLOAT

This straw-less boba cup is also really light, making it really portable. The ease of dismantling it for washing is an absolute bonus. With its convenience, frequent bubble tea drinkers should totally consider purchasing it.

FLOAT’s cup is also made of environmentally-friendly recycled glass which reduces environmental pollution further.

A patent filing is currently pending and this eco-friendly bottle will be manufactured for sale towards the end of the year.

Dates & Times: Available end of year 2019 (winter). Exact date unknown.

Prices: Unknown

FLOAT Straw-less boba cup: Facebook

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