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Snapchat’s New Gender Filter Hilariously Transforms You Into The Opposite Gender

Recently, Snapchat has released two filters that broke the Internet. This filter takes your face and transforms it into an opposite gender. In fact, some of the transformed faces looked so realistic that they can be used as an alternate identity. This truly takes catfishing to a whole new level.

This filter consists of a male and female version. As the name suggests, each respective filter will transform the subject into that specific gender.

We decided to put this filter to the test by using it around the office. Here, we have Angus (on the left) without any filter on.

Apply the female filter on and voila, we have Agnes. Isn’t she gorgeous? Jokes aside, this female filter gives the subject long hair, rosy cheeks, luscious lips and a tinge of eye shadow.

We got curious and decided to try the male filter on Angus and was surprised that it actually has an effect. Angus definitely looks manlier with his blockier jaw and facial hair.

Next, we found another test subject, Nicole. Damn, Nicole looks like a Maori with the male filter. Doesn’t her manliness trump majority of the guys out there?

I cannot unsee this. Nicole with long hair looks like a completely different person. Gosh.

These two snapchat filters had the entire office splitting our sides with laughter and we strongly urge you to check it out. Do give this a shot and tell us what you think. Who knows, maybe your alternate gender looks better than your current one?

Dates & Times: Available now on Snapchat application

Prices: Free

Snapchat: Website

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