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| On 2 years ago

Uniqlo’s New T-Shirt Collection Features Adorable Pokemon Designs – Dropping 24 June

Uniqlo has released a range of Pokemon shirts which will hit the shelves in Singapore this 24 June 2019. What’s special is that the shirt prints were adapted from Uniqlo’s UT Grand Prix 2019 Global T-shirt design competition.

Only 24 designs were selected for retail out of more than 18,000 entries submitted. So you can expect the most impressive designs from this collection.

Here are some of the Pokemon-inspired tees I felt worth mentioning:

Credit – Uniqlo

Pikachu fans will be pleased with Pikachu portrayed as a cute popsicle, and there’s also one where this fan-favourite pokemon is paired with his trainer, Ash.

Credit – Uniqlo

There’s even a Neon version of Pikachu. Even Ditto is getting a feature here. For those who don’t get the reference, Ditto is able to transform to anything. Hence, the disguise as a soda.

Of course, how can we leave out the top three designs of the competition? Here they are in order from left to right:

Credit – Uniqlo

For the top three designs, Exeggutor (Alora form) gets a playful feature with Pikachu relaxing under him. The ‘Pika-chill’ vibes make this the perfect go-to outfit for a day at the beach.

Unown, one of my favourite Pokemon, is camouflaged with universal symbol Landolt C (a type of Japanese vision test) for a basic but fun design.

And for the winning design that won this global design contest, a unique totem style of the Gyarados and Magikarp is showcased. I really love the contrast of placing two Pokemon of stark ability differences beside each other – the mighty Gyarados and its frail pre-evolution.

*Updated: The grand winner has been disqualified from the contest because of prior use of design and this design will no longer be sold. No new winner will be announced.

Be sure to buy and wear these creative Pokemon Uniqlo designs from all around the world. Although Pikachu always comes to mind when Pokemon is involved, there are so many outstanding graphics as well that let you express your love for pocket monsters.

Dates & Times: Available this 24 June 2019

Prices: USD $14.90, Singapore price unknown yet

Uniqlo: Website| Facebook

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