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Bathe Yourself With White Rabbit Shower Cream, Hand Cream, Perfume & More Now On Tmall

After a decade of dormancy, the White Rabbit 大白兔 candy hype train is certainly back with a vengeance. First came White Rabbit drinks, ice cream and cakes. But wait, there’s more.

Credit – Tmall

Now the hype has elevated to absurd levels with new White rabbit shower cream, hand cream, body lotion, scents and even perfumes available on Tmall (a spinoff mall from Taobao). But hey, I ain’t complaining.

In an epic collaboration between Tmall X Scent Library X White Rabbit, this limited edition White Rabbit bath and body collection will be available from 23 – 24 May.

Credit – Tmall

Wow, bathing with White Rabbit Shower Cream (RMB140) has got to be a new sensation unlike any. I especially like how nostalgically quaint the packaging looks, which really befits the long history of the traditional candy.

Credit – Tmall

If there weren’t any English words, I would have mistaken this White Rabbit Hand Cream (RMB30) for some edible titbit.

Credit – Tmall

In a similar container is the White Rabbit Body Lotion (RM140). I’m seriously dying to know how the lotion looks and its effectiveness.

Credit – Tmall

Here is the White Rabbit Scent (RMB245). I’m utterly curious how they are able to recreate the scent of white rabbit candy. After all, the candy doesn’t have any distinct smell; its flavour only comes through upon the first bite.

Credit – Tmall

There’s even a White Rabbit Car Fragrance (RMB106). Ooh, if they are really able to create this particular smell that reminds you of the candy, I would definitely want my car to smell like White Rabbit, because who wouldn’t.

Dates & Times: Available now on Tmall

Prices: RMB30 – RMB245 per item

Tmall X Scent Library X White Rabbit: Website

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