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Tamagotchi Makes An Epic Comeback After 23 Years In Colour Available On Amazon This 28 July

Before the Netflix era, my entire childhood revolved around Tamagotchi . I still recall the nostalgia of carrying it around and reminding myself to feed it every half hour as though it is a real pet.

If you are a Tamagotchi fan, you will be excited to know that our childhood game is making a comeback after 23 years, except this time it comes in colour. You can get them off Amazon this 28 July 2019.

Apart from retaining its basic features and resemblance to the old gadget, the nostalgic game has gotten nifty upgrades other than just hatching and raising them.

Now, you can hatch and breed Tamagotchis and bring them on dates. The devices are also interconnectable so you can enjoy this with your friends and have your Tamagotchis go on a trip, have play dates or give gifts to one another. Perhaps the best part is that Tamagotchis can get married and you can raise their babies. How cool is that?

In the past, it is common for Tamagotchi to die due to lack of time to care for it. For busy individuals, you can now put them into pet hotels by forking out in-game currencies (Gatchi points). Workaholics will certainly appreciate this feature.

Dates & Times: Available from 28 July 2019

Prices: US$59.99

Bandai America: Website

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