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| On 2 years ago

Mala Peppercorn Toothpaste With 3 Spice Levels On Taobao For True Mala Fans

The internet never fails to shock me with their mind-blowing shenanigans and antics. And I might have found the most mind-blowing fad yet: Mala Peppercorn Toothpaste.

This unorthodox toothpaste comes in three spicy levels ranging from medium spicy, Sichuan spicy to absurdly spicy, and is now available in packs of three on Taobao.

So far, it has been well-received by netizens and sold out within two days. Fortunately, there is another company (also on taobao) now selling it. There are mixed feelings on the level of spiciness with some claiming that it is enjoyable due to the hotpot flavour present. While others claimed that the “absurdly spicy” is really unbearable. Hence, it would be safer to start with the medium spicy flavour first.

There has been health concerns regarding this Mala toothpaste. While it may be suitable for healthy people, it might pose problems for those with sensitive teeth. But so far, the reviews have mostly been positive.

Given the overwhelming popularity of Mala in Singapore, I certainly hope this product will find its way onto our shores. Really, who minds brushing their teeth with the numbing flavours of their favourite cuisine lingering in their mouth? Mala is life.

Dates & Times: Available now on Taobao

Prices: RMB49.90 for a pack of three tubes

Taobao: Website

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