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The Alternative NDP Fun pack for the Woke Singaporean: 11 More Meaningful Things—Mask included

One of the best parts of attending any National Day Parade has to be the goodie bag that you get to take home. Like any true blue Singaporean, I cannot resist anything free. And if it’s free, it must be good—right? Admittedly, this year’s NDP fun pack was surrounded by a bit of a brouhaha, with some people not wanting the goodie bag at all to complaining about having to collect it at a Community Centre (CC).

The usual Singaporean drama aside, while we liked this year’s NDP fun pack (the face mask is sooooo smooth), we’d like to imagine an alternative National Day Fun Pack that’s a little more, ahem, woke and shows our National pride in different ways.

1. This Is What Inequality Looks Like By Teo You Yenn

The first one on the list is This Is What Inequality Looks Like by Teo You Yenn. It’s mandatory reading for anyone that wants to understand how inequality and poverty exists in Modern Singapore. This book disrupts the narrative that we’ve been fed and opens our eyes to realities that we must see, and surely after, cannot unsee.

A little bonus book that should be included would be Air-Conditioned Nation Revisited by Cherian George. If you experienced your political awakening during the past General Election, this book offers critical essays and keen observations about the state of our politics.

Get This Is What Inequality Looks Like and Air-Conditioned Nation Revisited here

2. Face Masks That Give Back to Charity

Credit – Sea Apple

Let’s not forget one of the most essential and pertinent items in our NDP fun pack. After all, the COVID-19 crisis is still happening, and wearing a mask is of the utmost importance. We have included masks from Sea Apple that uses upcycled fabric to create kid’s masks with 20% of their profits going to the Courage Fund that supports families affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Credit – LOVE SG

For adults, we have included masks from LOVE SG that donates one mask to Migrant Worker’s Centre with every mask purchased.

Get Sea Apple masks here.

Get LOVE SG masks here.

3. A Guide To Local Hawkers

It’s no secret that the F&B businesses have been hit the hardest during this pandemic. We wanted to include a handy guide to all the best and hidden hawker gems in Singapore in our alternative NDP fun pack.

We’ll start with a guide to all the hawker centre in Singapore with this compilation of hawker centres from A to H and followed closely behind by I to Z. Eat away!

4. Supermama Magic PM Lee Cup

Credit – Supermama

This viral magic cup that allows you to speak in different languages when you take a sip. The famous cup has made many appearances with every TV announcement PM Lee makes and now, we want some of that magic as well.

On the topic of languages, we need to recognise that Singapore is made up of many diverse cultures with many dialects that don’t conform to the four official languages.

Maybe with this magic cup, we’ll be more aware of the different nuances that exist within our Red Dot.

Get Supermama Cup here

5. The Pride Flag Along With The Singapore flag

A progressive society is one that is inclusive as well. Bundled with the Singapore flag, we would like to include the Pride flag in all its glorious colours. We hope that during this year’s National Day (and the others that follow), we’ll get to wave both flags with pride.

For a more subtle show of Pride, we’d also like to throw in these adorable pins by local queer artist Heckin’ Unicorn. Quirky and funny, these pins are an essential addition to your Pride stash.

Get Heckin Unicorn here.

6. Local Snacks To Munch As You Watch The Parade

If there were ever a time to support local businesses, we’d do it the way we know best—eating. Watch this year’s parade as you feast on a whole host of local snacks such as IRVINS Salted Egg Potato Chips, F.east’s Laksa Potato Chips and even Teh Tarik Popcorn.

7. Beeswax Food Wraps

Even though we are in the middle of a pandemic, the climate crisis is real and not stopping for anybody. We can always do little things to ease our impact on Mother Nature and for a good cause while at it. I’m sure, by now we all have metal straws and cute containers in spades, but how about beeswax food wraps that help keep your food fresh and reduce your plastic consumption?

Not to mention, these adorable beeswax food wraps from The Art Faculty are made by differently-abled students under Pathlight’s School’s Artist Development Programme. Sustainability and empowering differently-abled students through Art? It’s a no brainer!

Get the Beeswax Food Wraps here.

8. And Tango Makes Three

The next item in our woke NDP fun pack would have to be the controversial children’s book And Tango Makes Three. The whole furore with the National Library Board is still fresh in my mind. And Tango Makes Three tells the true story of how two male penguins came together to raise a chick.

After all, in a developed society such as Singapore, we can’t think that the nuclear family unit is the only type of family that exists.

For more diverse children’s books, also check out The Moon’s selection of children’s books as well as their curation of books by women and people of colour authors.

9. Singaplex’s East Coast Plan T-Shirt

Credit – Singaplex

A little bit of a tongue-in-cheek item but you have to love Singaplex’s East Coast Plan shirt. Inspired by DPM Heng’s infamous speech, this shirt pays tribute to that in a cheeky, fun way.

Whether or not you live in the East Coast, this shirt says it all. Honestly, is there a more obvious flex than wearing your political bravado and awakening on your body?

Get Singaplex East Coast Plan T-Shirt here.

10. Ox Street’s “No.4” Custom Air Jordan 1 ‘CAMO/SG Red’ Sneakers

Credit – Ox Street

This is perhaps the most hypebeast item we have in our NDP fun pack. These Ox Street “No.4” Custom Air Jordan 1’ CAMO/SG Red’ Sneakers are emblazoned with that iconic camo print. Dubbed the Recruit/ NSF sneaker, these shoes will allow you to pay homage to those unforgettable two years.

You can even win yourself a pair of these exclusively designed pair of sneakers and other hypebeast items with this giveaway right here.

11. A Spotify subscription to listen to local music

Credit – Lew Loh

Yes, we love Taylor Swift, but, our burgeoning local music scene is well worth a listen too. Soothe your spirit and soul to the calming vocals of indie darling LEW and Joie Tan or jam to the addictive beats of Dominic Chin. Either way, there is something for everyone, check out our Spotify Saturdays for more local talent that needs to be on repeat.

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