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Spotify Saturdays with Singaporean Singer-songwriter LEW

LEW is a local singer-songwriter whom many know and love, and has released music that truly capture intangible, raw emotion that many can relate to. In 2017, he released his debut album, “Lullacry”, and it reached #1 on the Singapore iTunes Charts, #6 in China, and #9 in Taiwan respectively. It has now amassed over 2.6 million plays on Spotify.

LEW has participated and completed the Noise Singapore Music Mentorship Program, and received the NOISE Award for 2015. His latest single, Red Flags, was released earlier this year on 17 Jan.

LEW has performed for various festivals and stages including the SHINE Festival 2017/2018, MOSAIC Music Series at The Esplanade Outdoor Theatres, Bandwagon Nights at Hard Rock Cafe, and was also part of the SCAPE Invasion Lineup for 2016/17/18/19. Here, he tells us the five songs that make up his life.

Credit – LEW

Credit – LEW

Tell us your name, and how you’d introduce yourself to someone whom you’re meeting for the first time.

You can call me LEW or ‘lew’.

What are the five tracks of your life? 

1. So Close (From Enchanted) – Jon McLaughin
2. Quiet – Jason Mraz
3. 26 – Paramore (Live)
4. Patient Love – Passenger
5. Fall To Pieces – Avril Lavigne

Credit - Jon McLaughin
Credit - Paramore
Credit - Passenger
Credit - Jason Mraz
Credit - Avril Lavigne

Why would you consider this playlist to be significant to you?

This playlist is significant to me because every track has made me feel. It doesn’t even have to be deeply, because if a song has the power to create movement be it emotionally or physically, then it has done it’s job.

Pick one track and tell me your fondest/most interesting memory of it.

The live version of 26 by Paramore where Hayley Williams cries in the middle of her performance. This was back in 2019, and was the first time I ever cried to music without being in a sad state of mind prior to listening. “Hold onto hope if you got it, don’t let it go for nobody.”

If I had asked you this question 10 years ago, what is the one track that your then-self would have picked as your favourite? 

Wake Up – Hilary Duff

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