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8 Things You Didn’t Know About This Year’s National Day Parade 2020

2020 has brought no shortage of challenges and has changed the way we go about daily life—working from home, co-curricular activities taken online, and exercising over Zoom. How, then, has a pandemic of this scale affected our yearly and iconic National Day Parade?

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Even as 9 August draws near, many aren’t quite clear on just how we will take a typically 27,000-man affair online. Broadcasts will be live on free-to-air TV channels as well as other internet platforms.

Here are 8 things you didn’t know about NDP 2020.

1. It actually starts in the morning

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At 10.20am, to be exact. If you were planning to gather your friends for a watch party in the evening, you may want to reconsider your meeting time—lest you miss out on certain highlights such as the flag flypast and maritime sail past.

2. The Mobile Column may well pass through your estate

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This year’s Mobile Column consists of 66 assets from Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and Singapore Police Force (SPF). It will travel along five routes covering the North, Northeast, South, Southeast and West of Singapore.

3. And it’s also the longest distance for any Mobile Column into the heartlands

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The 200km that the Mobile Column will cover ensures that they will travel through more heartlands so that as many Singaporeans as possible can catch a glimpse of them. Frontliners will also be on board the Mobile Column, so do give them a cheer when you see them.

4. Catch parachuters freefalling into the heartlands

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The Red Lions, the parachute team of the Singapore Armed Forces, will freefall into the vicinity of Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Sengkang General Hospital. In doing so, they will be paying tribute to the frontliners and essential workers that have been fighting ever-so-hard in the battle against COVID-19.

5. You can partake in NDP 2020 with activities from your home

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Despite bring physically apart from one another, Singaporeans are still encouraged to participate in their own little ways. Home engagement activities such as cooking, lighting up, and taking the pledge are just a few ways we can join in on the NDP spirit.

The NDP team this year are also on the lookout for collaborators, who can indicate their interests via this form here.

6. There are 6 acts in this year’s show

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Focussing on the theme “Stronger Together”, it’s obvious that this year’s NDP is centred around the tough months that we have faced and will continue to face due to the global pandemic.

Each act takes us through the challenges, adjustments, as well as efforts that Singaporeans have had to make in 2020 alone and will close with an act of hope for a stronger, better Singapore.

7. This year’s funpacks were designed by both Primary 5 students & artists with disabilities

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In partnership with SG Enable, artists from seven Social Service Agencies (SSAs) designed artworks that express their love and aspirations for Singapore. As for the Primary 5 student artists, a competition was held to choose the 8 winners who eventually had their work featured on this year’s tote bags.

8. You can return certain reusable items from your funpack

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Following the hoo-ha about yearly funpacks being wasteful in nature, the NDP team this year has heard the grievances of Singaporeans and made several changes in response to those feedback. At a later date, re-collection points will be set up so that residents can return unused elements from their funpack. A step towards a more environmentally-friendly nation, indeed.

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