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Introducing Samsung’s Latest Additions — The Galaxy Tab S7, Galaxy Watch3 & Galaxy Buds Live

While the Samsung Galaxy Note20 was noticeably the main attraction on Wednesday’s unveiling, let’s not forget to shine the spotlight on the other three devices completing the Galaxy 2020 Ecosystem—the Galaxy Tab S7, Galaxy Watch3, and Galaxy Buds Live.

Credit – Samsung

It’s work from home season, so having dependable devices that work for you day in and day out at home is now more crucial than ever. Calling IT to help solve our technical problems has become obsolete, so if there has ever been a point of time where we need our electronics working on full-tilt, the time is now.

Powerful, flexible and high-performance

With the Galaxy Tab S7, you’ll never have to worry about streaming turbulence on Zoom meetings anymore as the tablet boasts seamless video conferencing, lightning-quick download speeds and virtually lag-free streaming.

Credit – Samsung

What’s more, the tablet also features an extra-large AMOLED display so that you can always have the best view in the conference. You don’t even have to be at home, or anywhere with a WiFi connection for that matter because the Galaxy Tab S7 also has 5G that enables Auto Hotspot, making it possible for you to tether other Galaxy devices to it virtually anywhere you go.

On top of all that, the tablet can also function as a second screen to your Samsung PC for an extended workspace display.

Smash your fitness goals

Working from home and being stuck indoors all day can be very suffocating, so it is also important that we step out of the house for some fresh air and exercise. This is where the Galaxy Watch3 comes in, boasting features that allow you to take ownership of your health and workout routines like a boss.

Credit – Samsung

Designed with the same level of attention as a luxury timepiece, the device is outfitted with the most expansive health suite to date—it can monitor your blood and oxygen levels, track your oxygen saturation, and also take note of your blood pattern and electrocardiogram measurements. If the watch detects a fall, it automatically sends out your location to pre-designated contacts, so not only can this watch help you boost your health, it can literally save your life.

A concert in your ears

While you’re on your workout, you’ll need to keep your adrenaline pumping with your favourite hype soundtrack and what better way to deliver those hard-hitting beats than with the Galaxy Buds Live.

Credit – Samsung

These earbuds have bigger, 12-millimeter speakers as compared to the Galaxy Buds+ and deliver unaltered sound oozing with richness and quality. They also come with active noise cancellation which allows you to either tune in or out of the world around you, so you can choose to stay focused on the podcast you’re listening to but still be alert to important sounds in your environment like car horns or bicycle rings.

Furthermore, they come equipped with three built-in microphones and a Voice Pickup Unit, so you can hear and talk to your peers as if you are in the same room while being physically apart.

Similar to the Note 20, trade-up services are also available for the Galaxy Tab S7. All devices will be available for purchase in major and authorised Singapore retail and online stores after 21 August.

Price: S$998 to S$1798 for Galaxy Tab S7, S$648 to S$948 for Galaxy Watch3 and S$288 for the Galaxy Buds Live.

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