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400 Local Musicians Come Together for Rendition of “Count on Me Singapore” With Clement Chow

No matter your background, every Singaporean can concur if we say that 2020 has turned out to be the complete opposite of how we all thought it should be when we were making our New Year resolutions in late 2019.

Whether you’re working or in school, the pandemic has forced us all to accept big changes in our daily routines—for the first time many of us are confined to working from home, eating at home, attending school from home, and canceling all our travel plans.

As we approach a National Day celebration like we’ve never seen before, now is the time we come together as one people in solidarity and take pride in ourselves for having gone through these tumultuous times together as a country.

To show this spirit of unity, the Band Director’s Association of Singapore has rallied more than 400 Singaporean musicians young and old and orchestrated a beautiful video collaboration of Clement Chow’s 1986 classic anthem—Count On Me Singapore, featuring the veteran singer himself. The video features students from over 20 Secondary Schools and Junior Colleges, as well as members of the Singapore Police Force Band, and Singapore Armed Forces Band.

Credit – YouTube

This is the perfect motivation for us to keep pushing on in these times, especially if you are a member of a school band yourself and getting restless of the fact that most CCA practices have been cancelled since March. If you’re not, you should watch this video anyway, for it will surely warm the cockles of your heart.

Credit – YouTube

Credit – YouTube

Watch the seasoned Clement Chow perform this classic tune in front of hundreds of musicians via home-recorded clips in the YouTube video here.

Band Director’s Association of Singapore | Website | Facebook | YouTube

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