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This is the ‘Bockwurstklavier’ — the sausage piano you can actually eat

If you’ve ever been told that you can’t play the piano because you have sausage fingers, don’t worry, for we’ve just found the perfect keyboard for you. This piano, made by a German YouTuber named Patrick, is literally made of sausages—and it works like a charm. To be frank, we think it’s brilliant.

Credit – YouTube

At one glance, you’d think someone was having a BBQ, until you spot the snaking wires sticking out from each of the sausages’ ends. The wires are plugged into a computer, where we assume sounds are assigned to each sausage via a digital software.

In the YouTube video, Patrick demonstrates playing the keyboard normally—as he presses each sausage, a note rings out in a crisp, piano tone.

Credit – YouTube

We’re hard-pressed to think of why or how someone would go through such effort to create this outwardly random contraption, but we applaud Patrick for his ingenuity and creativity.

The “Bockwurstklavier”, as it is called, comes out tops out of anything creative we’ve seen this week, and if this was a competition, we think we can all agree on one thing—the weiner takes it all. Just remember to keep this far away from the family dog or you might end up with not much of a piano.

Watch the YouTube video here.

Patrick’s World | YouTube

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